Monday, January 03, 2005

Sal's Corner

2005 is gonna be a big year. Face it, you if not making will be moved. There are just a few things I need to air out in the beginning of this NEW YEAR.

* Let people know YOUR NAME - Naw dont let Big Mamma or Auntie Josephine slide NO MO. If your name is Jessica........tell her its Jessica and NOT Justine. If your name is Jamal TELL her its Jamal and NOT Jameer! Tell grandma to stop adding "S" and "R" to your name. It is NOT Jamals or Latrells. Nope mamma its not Mayar its Maya. The first step to being successful is making sure your presense is felt. Make your presense the correct presense. So they have to get your name right.

* Toleration - Whatever you tolerate will seep through and become a problem. If your wife/girlfriend has temper tantrums and you dont like it.........the first time she does it in '05, pull the car over and let her walk. Im serious. Ladies, if you tired of your man farting on the couch, Break Up wit em. Cause next thing you know, his drawls gonna be brown and YOU are gonna have to wash em. If you tolerate grandma calling you Jameer and your name is Jamal, next thing you know, she gonna get your girlfriend's name wrong and have you in a heap of trouble.

* Assumption - Everyone say it with me "WE WILL NO LONGER ASSUME IN 2005". The worst thing to do is to Assume. You ever come in the house from somewhere and a person says "I guess you were at work late huh?". Why not just ask "Where have you been?". Flee from asking "beat around the bush" questions to get to the point. If someone doesnt answer their phone, maybe its a bad reception. Maybe they really cant talk. Maybe they respect your conversation enough to say "I know he/she needs ALL of my attention so let me call them back when Im ready to give them that". Don't assume that everyone knows everything either. Some facts of life arent revealed to everyone at the same time. Spell the word Assume. (Part 1)A-S-S........(Part 2)U.........(Part 3)M-E. When you make a "Part 1" out of "Parts 2 and 3".

* Posters - We all have tough times. Our living situations aint always ironed out. But, if you are at home with your parents or you are sleeping in a room for a while that's not yours..........take down all them posters. Aint nothing worst than a grown man/woman with "Word Up" posters from 1988. Somebody might walk in your room and start doing the "Running Man" and start singing "Girls De Girls they LOVE ME".

* Dates - 2005 will be the year that everyone will be "dated up". No not at the movies or at dinner but at cookouts and sporting events. I predict that some people will be scrambling to find a date to Leroy and Vanessa's barbeque or scrolling through their rolodex to find a date to lil Kenny's Pee-Wee league football game.

These are just a few things to look for in 2005. Over the next few weeks, We will break down the year ahead and what else to look for, who to stay away from and other topics involving the new year. "Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"