Thursday, January 13, 2005

"Remy on My Mind"
By Salvador Gabor

I have alot on my mind baby. And most of it is Remy. But what was I thinking? I knew I grabbed Susan's butt too many times. Maybe.....JUST maybe I had my tongue out too much. Who am I? Michael Jordan? Some famished tiger in the wild? Maybe a long lost member of the Road Warriors? Regardless, when I untucked my shirt, I KNEW IT. It had begun. I hit the dance floor and the sweat dripped down. I tried to walk away! I sware. Last night a DJ ruined my life. Or that old lady who taught me how to do the "Electric Slide" on the whim. I had seen the "Detroit Step" but, this was better than the "Same ole two step".

I shoulda left my money at home. That.......and your car keys. Nevermind those few scratches and dents, Leroy told me he'd be around to see about fixing those on Saturday. Speaking of Saturday, I have to meet my lawyer then too. I woke up this morning next to Bubba and Lil Greg. And I hate a cheese sandwich for breakfast. And for some reason their house has bars around it. And I had to use the bathroom in front of them. And the guy with the blue uniform wasn't tryna let me go until Keith & Dewey came and picked me up.

Well I woulda came home but I figured "Sheila has to go to work".........and SO DO I for that matter. Maybe you called my job and told them I wouldnt be in. If not, I gotta think of a real good excuse. My dog ate my homework? I light case of Ebola? A Tsunami hit Wheeler Road in Southeast on my way to work????? I'll think of something. But, I had to write you........just to say I'm sorry. Another Wednesday night. Im gonna stop going to clubs that have names that consist of numbers and give out free drinks until 8:00 P.M. This is the 5th Wednesday in a row. For some reason I keep waking up somewhere on a Thursday in the wrong house on a mission for Advil and condom wrappers. I never figured out who that girl was last Thursday morning. Whoever she is, she makes a mean waffle. That's neither here nor there.

I can't say Im Sorry..........but I can say I'm drunk. Yes I am still drunk and now my head is spinning. Some call it a headache. I call it "Remy on my mind"

Lavell "Dirty Dog" Perkins