Thursday, January 27, 2005

by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Angelene Morris is another one of our horny singles looking for love, lust, or maybe a tennis lesson that ends up in the backseat of an old Buick. Angelene is a black professional who works for the NFL's Youth Development Department. She handles urine samples for Little League football. She checks the urine of 9-14 year olds for marijuana, coke, steroids, and all kinds of fedimeens. She feels her job is important as the search for the next Warren Sapp and Jumpy Geathers has begun.

Angelene is a kind woman, who despite her job isn't easily pissed off. She enjoys many fine juices and foods, some exotic and some not-so-exotic. She is a feta-cheese conosseur, a lover of good Tropicana orange juice, and loves Marvin's Daquari Mix (which can be found in the back of a Food Lion, in a van with Virginia tags 'STARTN SUMTHN'). She isn't into long walks in the park, but more or less watching movies on the floor with a blanket right next to the radiator. Angelene makes good potato salad and is willing to share. She enjoys the company of a man of any sort, but the challenge of a Gemini really sets turpentine to her fire. To feel Angelene's heat or some other hopeless romantic, please call 301-455-3534.