Wednesday, January 12, 2005

IT'S OUR ANNIVERSARY. The first official post was created on 1/12/04. The post that began all of this MADNESS. For those of you who jumped on this site late. I'm giving you a chance to see the first official post if you missed it the first time around. So from us to you....CHEERS and may we see more years to come!

Sal's Corner
"The Day you found out....."

Im writing this article because Im tired of people going thru depression. Depression is a part of life from time to time but the best way to deal with it is addressing the problem AND find a solution. So lets just talk about "The day you found out....."

*The day you found out.......That you are fat. Yes it happens. You are about 25-30 years old. You eat the same way you did at 18 but your body doesnt respond to that food the same way it did before. You used to be able to eat a Whopper and still go out and play basketball, now you eat a whopper and you cant even walk a flight of steps. You look down at your midsection and its just terrible looking.

Solution: Forget exercising, just find outfits that make you look cool. So what you're bigger, just buy a bigger size. Dont try to lose weight, just buy a cool sweatsuit and keep your hair done/cut to make your size more sleek.

*The day you found out........You are going bald. This is a sensitive topic for some males. I myself have a slight bald spot. I dont get upset I just see it as a setback and I just gotta be a lil more cooler than the next man. I mean its nothing to me cause my hairline been doing backflips since the 96 olympics. The day I found out was when I was trying on some jeans in Hechts. They got the mirror that shows every angle of your body. I looked into one mirror and saw the spot. I wasnt startled nor was I saddened. Its like this....You know how when you go outta town wit someone, usually you know when yall are leaving to go outta town but you dont know what time you are coming back. You probably know the day but not the exact time. But then you get that call from your man at 9:00 A.M. on Sunday saying "Hey we leaving at 12:00". Even though you aint ready to leave at 12:00, it really dont matter so you say "Aight then". Thats kinda how it was when I saw my bald spot. I just said "Aight this is how its gonna be huh God?, you gonna do ya boy like this at 23 huh?"

Solution: On a serious note, dont do the Toupe' thing. Dont do the slick back thing or pullover thing. If you got money for hair restoration surgery, you CAN do that cause it is rightfully your hair. As for me, Im just gonna keep my hair cut low cause its nothing worse than a dude wit a bush and a bald spot. Also Im just gonna keep some fresh new balances and begin to step my dressed up attire game up along with my grown man casual look. Its all about sweatsuits. I might start wearing velour sweatsuits or them "Soprano's" type sweatsuits that just makes it cool to be old. Also the nice leather jackets with the collar flipped up. Ya know.......Just do things to make that "older" look thats been forced on you, work on your behalf.

* The day you found out......... You were not graduating on time/ and were staying back a grade. AWWW this is terrible, cause you really know WAY before them grades get home. YOU take the class so you know whats poppin for real for real. You know in January whether or not you are graduating in May. I knew my freshman year at Hampton that it would be a 5 year journey. My love for hanging out at the Union, sitting outside the girls' dorms and late night Madden tournaments let me know what was really going on.

Solution: Just tell your folks whats up. I told my parents, we just gonna call freshman year my "redshirt" year and that I'd actually start college the following semester. You know what though.......... I never really started college. I just bumped into a cap and gown and a 5X8 Index card and gave it to my dean to call my name. Guess thats why I got a degree in Accounting and now I wanna be a "so called" writer???? Go figure.

Sidetip: But you know what makes it so hard to tell your parents about the delay of graduation date!?!?!.....It be your female cousins and female friends. They ALWAYS mess it up cause they graduate in 4 years FLAT. Oh not to mention with a 3.5 GPA or above. And they come to your house or family get togethers and totally mess up your WEAK arguement to your parents about how hard school is. Oh yeah did I mention she has a full time job while she was at school!!!!!

* The day you found out........ You were adopted. Im not adopted (well at least thats what the lady who I call mom tells me) but I feel for people who have been. Not saying its wrong cause I commend people who take on the responsibility of another person's child. My only thing is that the child should know its true lineage. Tell the child that he or she has been adopted. Nothing's worse than not knowing whats really out there. And telling the child late in their years can hurt.

Solution: The child needs to know at least ONE real family member. They can meet all of their biological family through that person and keep in contact through that person. The child aint gotta be around his or her biological people all the time, but its good to know so that 10 years later you aint married to your real brother/sister. Your whole life you be staying clear of Women whose last name is McDaniels and you REALLY shoulda been staying clear of the Lattimore's.

*The day you found out......... your boyfriend/girlfriend aint wanna be your girlfriend/boyfriend no more. Thats a tough hand to play. Love is a weakness. The unfortunate thing is that when you love somebody, you cant hide it. Fellas we say "Man I aint love her anyway". Aight dog, whatever you say! Tell that to the florist who knows you on a first name basis. How bout the salesperson in perfume section of Nordstrom who remembers your credit card number by heart. Or tell that to the waiter at the Olive Garden that took your "takeout for 2" orders and knew that your girl likes the sugar in her tea stirred and not shaken. Love makes you do things that you cant reverse and thats tough.

Solution: No we dont condone slashing tires, changing the password on their voicemail or taking back jewelry and possibly a finger while you're at it. Respect their decision. As hard as it is to do so, you must respect it. Here's one tip. Dont date nobody less than what you had. Being lonely makes you do dumb stuff. Make sure you dont fall back in a relationship wit any ole body. Step it up. The worst thing you can do is see your ex and you hand in hand wit some slum looking person.

* The day you found out......... You were pregnant. Fellas, you'd be surprised to find out how many young women who have been secretly pregnant, had the abortion and the whole nine and you never knew! As youth, we make mistakes. Some say the mistake is having sex. Others say the mistake was getting pregnant. Then there are those who say the mistake was having the child. You might say aborting the child was the mistake. Well I'll say that the child aint a mistake.

Solution: Make the best of the situation. The lil homie might be the next president or something. You never know. Whatever you do, ask God what is best and keep it moving. Thats real talk for ya.

Life is yours man. You dont like what's going on, step up and change the situation. In 2004 we will discuss some real stuff. Stuff like "Things you have to do before you die", "Say what you mean" and "Pretty Girls". Any comments? Hit me at Hey man "Next week people, Lord Willin and 'Rome Feelin".

Shout out to Jerome Baker and all the other bloggers getting it in too!