Wednesday, January 05, 2005

"Down Syndrome"
By Salvador Gabor

We are just exiting the holiday season and we are entering the latter parts of winter. These days are filled with emails from "friends" catching up on old times. Valentine's Day is coming. And in about 2 months, spring will be near. I just hope that the "syndrome" doesnt keep some of us "down". This "syndrome" is one that effects women mostly but, it has not totally excluded men either. It's not often considered to be a deadly disease but it is life changing.

"WannaMan Syndrome" has been an ailment that has been around for years and years. It is a contagious disease and a cure has not been known. It's known to be a year-round disease although it flares up between Thanksgiving and Valentine's Day. "WannaMan Syndrome" is easily detected but hard to keep in check.

"WannaMan" tends to seep into the bodies of women at about the age of 23. They've dealt with the male species since they were 14 and 15 years old. It was fun back then. What an exciting thing it is to hop in and out of fancy cars, get gifts from older guys and walk into a room knowing that every man wants you. You had too many men chasing you. So you had to be cute and reject a few. get to the age of 25 or so. You begin to understand that there are less men than women out here. You see that all the "good" men are married or "shacked up". Now those men you rejected looks kinda good to you now. You might see one at the mall or at a restaurant and now he has a house and a wife and 3 kids. He's not even your type but, you are mad that he is settled down. And all the while you are just as single as a word without an "S" at the end.

Well I'm sure that some of you men want to know symptoms/characteristics of women with "WannaMan Syndrome". You can catch some of the ailed women at church. They are always looking to see who is going to marriage counseling classes or what man is at church every week. Sometimes they are on your job. You are the new hire and your office is in the corner next to NOTHING, yet every woman walks pass.

Women with "WannaMan" often catch this disease by hanging with women who HAVE men. These women talk about their relationships ALL the time. The relationship AINT all that its made out to be and truthfully, that women is bored and her only fun is hooking the single woman up. Women with men are worst than the ones with "WannaMan". You have to be aware men. These women will have you at a table with her booger-looking friend tryna "Hook it on up". Be weary of women who have to meet you through their friend who already has a man. Most of the time, she's just tired of having to take her buddy to the movies with her and her man. But the women with the man is the problem. Often times if you can take her out of the scenario, the situation isn't as bad and the disease is curable.

One last tip for you guys, women with "WannaMan" can have their ailment take a turn for the worse. It could go from "WannaMan" to "ANY man". That's just it.........women with "WannaMan" will find ANY man. The first man with a job and he keeps his beard trimmed will be the one she ATTEMPTS to deal with. Make sure she isnt just using you as an "ANY man" type of person. Don't return ONE call on time. Don't make it to one event she wants to bring you to. Just be unavailable ONE good time and see if she acts a fool. Make sure she wants YOU and not just "ANY man"

So fellas beware and LADIES PLEASE BEWARE. Understand that there is no rush or time table on life. Things will happen to you when its YOUR time. Dont let someone else tell you when it should happen for you. We all dont graduate at 18, we all dont drive at 16 and we all dont have a house, a spouse and 3 kids by 30. "WannaMan" comes from people "keeping up with the joneses". But most of the time when you keep up with the joneses, you forget to keep up with yourself.