Thursday, December 15, 2005

By Salvador Gabor

The Brothers of the GAMMA BAMMA BAMMA chapter of KA-RAH-TAY INNNNNNNNNNCORPORATED, would like to present their Annual Christmas special "Jaguars". "Jaguars" is a dance/musical about 4 young Karate specialists in the brisk and cold world of Chicago, Illinois in the early 70's. "Mad Terry" played by Braxton Covington (pictured in the lower center) discovers that he contracted herpes from "Shelley Summers" the sister of "Hunter Summers" (pictured standing in the center). "Mad Terry" then dedicates his life to teaching Karate to young Chi-Town teenagers in a hope to prevent sexual diseases from being passed. "Mad Terry" wanted to promote abstinence by teaching the martial arts. He felt like practicing Karate was the "true release" that young people needed. Lionel Dawkins (pictured on the left) and Reginald Montgomery (pictured on the right) make up the final pieces to the GAMMA BAMMA BAMMA chapter of KA-RAH-TAY and play the roles of "Lil Tyrone" and "Sweet Jesse" respectively.

"Jaguars" will be an opening act for "Madea Gets Crunk @ Club 112" in theatres and Church Dinings rooms across the East Coast. For more info please call Pegues Demarcos Taylor at (301) 455-3534.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

By Salvador Gabor

Hello Johnny Junior. This is your father. I hope this letter greets you in good spirits. I wanted to write you because I love you son. Your mother sent me your information and I thought I'd write you. Your mother told me you are a muslim now. Big momma didnt take that too well. She likes her chittlins so I guess you know how that goes. I know I hadn't talked to you in a while. I've had my share of demons too. That's why me and your mother had our differences. Too much cognac in my system and I did some bad things. I really didn't mean to sleep with your Aunt Reecie. That broad is 300 pounds. I know she your auntie and I aint gotta call her no broad but I was drunk! Im sorry. I told your mother that. She aint forgive me though. Well son I wanna be in your life. I can't wait till you come home and I see your face in person. AGAIN!

PS. I got this picture of me. Im right in front of my new woman's house. This was a pic I took before we went off to the 27th Annual "Minnesota Ave Club & Friends Cabaret". We had a good time that night. As soon as you get in town, look me up. I got some spots where I can get you up to date on the latest threads too.


"Big" Johnny Lane

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Sal's Corner

My momma always told me not to use them 4-letter words. Yall know what they are. This site is PG-24. Pretty good if you at least 24 years old. But we dont use them words on here. My mother also said that people should be examples for what they believe in. Don't teach and preach something that you aint living. But my mother told me not to use them bad 4-letter words though??? AND SHE was the main one using em. I mean, these words shouldn't be used by people with good vocabulary. At least that's what she told me. THEN she would turn around and use em. Im just so tired of living this lie. THESE are them nasty 4-letter words that she used to use.

MASH - You know you from the country when you say MASH. "Boy don't put yo' hand by that door.......mess around and MASH yo' hand". "SET that bread ontop of the other groceries 'fore you MASH that up". Never SMASH.......just MASH. MASH is what you do to garbage not your body parts.

JOOG - JOOG is only used in reference to the eyes. "Boy that ole play gun will JOOG yo' eye out". "Watch them scissors....them thangs will JOOG ya". I guess in the old times it was more regular to see people walking around with eye-patches cause they did stupid stuff.

TOOT - Toot has a few different meanings. Some folks in the deep south use TOOT as way of saying TOOTH or TEETH. "Reggie knocked ALL that boy TOOT out". Then you got some folks who use TOOT in reference to snorting cocaine. "Yep.......Mr. Jarvis youngest boy back on dem's a shame that boy cant stop TOOTin his nose". Then some of them who use the word use it in a freaky way. "Girl stop playing and go on and TOOT that thang". So as we can see.....TOOT can go from the mouth to the nose to that tail. Anyway you say it...let's get rid of that word

WRSH - Now as you go deep into the south some folk lose vowels altogether. The word WRSH appears not to make sense but its actually WASH. It just sounds like WERSH. "GIT in ya and WRSH dem hands". I spoke on this once they sometimes feel the letter "R" needs to be placed in words. Who KNOWS

RANK - Now the conventional thinker would imagine that RANK would refer to sequence or order. Not in this case. RANK to many means "stank" or "funky". "PERNELLLLLLLLL............git in here and WRSH yo' RANK A$$!!!!!!!!". Now in this case, you usually gotta leave them shoes on the porch too. When moms yell at you like that....that is an automatic signal to take them shoes off. You know its some RANK tails in the house when you walk up to the porch and you see a pair of these on the front..........

MOMMAS, GRANDMOMMAS........yall need to stop all this cussin and using these 4-letter words.

Wednesday, December 07, 2005

Sal's Corner

I've always heard singers and rappers talk about their youth and how they used to sing in the church choir. I began to take a deep look into songs of some famous artists and the correlation between their music that is currently being played in "secular" areas yet still having a "church" foundation. Today we will take a look at a few songs that HAVE to have had a church foundation

"SOLDIER" (Destiny's Child) - "I KNOW some Christians in herrrrrrrre ready to take care of meeeeeeeeeee". Dont that sound like a calling out to members from some crooked preacher? Reverend Ike esque? You know churches always use the soldier reference ANYWAY.

"DIARY" (Alicia Keys) - "Lay yourrrrr head on my pilloowwwwwww". Alicia's voice is so deep that it almost sounds like a priest throwing subtle sexual passes at a young altar boy. This song is very Catholic. The heavy piano and the soft voice reminds me of a confessional. "Call 441 6608 and i'll be herrrrrrrrre". That was the quickest call out of a phone number in history. I guess you gotta be quick when you doing wrong.......especially in a little box where you go to GET RIGHT. "Baby when you're in town why dont you come around BOYYYYYYYY". Then as the song goes on....the priest gets BAPTIST. Either that or he really is tired of that little boy not letting him get a "piece". "I WONNNNNNNNNNT TELLLLLLLLLL........YOU'RE SECCCCCCCCCREEEEEEEETS". Dont mess with a priest in "heat"

"ALWAYS ON TIME" (Ja Rule) - This is one of those songs that the preacher sings. Its always something special when the preacher sings a solo. This is on that level. This is a song that a young preacher in a "new school" type of church would sing. He dont wear a robe. He wears leather suits and he is accompanied by his lightskinned slim wife (Ashanti) when he sings the song. "He not always there when you call but he's always ON TIIIIIIME"

"BEST OF BOTH WORLDS" (R. Kelly & Jay-Z) - This is a song of epic proportion. It's like 2 Giant Pentacostal preachers coming together and going on a U.S. Tour. Sorta like Creflo Dollar and T.D. Jakes taking the road by storm. Tickets on sale for $47.99. I can hear T.D. on one knee on stage......."BEST OVVVVV BOFFFFFF WURRRRRRRLLLLS....AWWWW WOHHHHHHHHH". Creflo and T.D. in all white with white robes with detachable hoodies.......arms folded and a big cross hanging from the ceiling. Things would go well until T.D. accuses one of Creflo's deacons of masing him. And goes on to tell how some man in the crowd has a gun. After Rev. Billy Joe Daugherty got attacked in Tulsa at the altar...ANYTHING can happen

"ROSES" (OUTKAST) - That's a song that when the piano player begins to play.....people just stand up and start shouting. "THANK YA......THANK YA LAWD". Hands get to waiving. It's a song that could be sang acapella. Everybody just a tappin the wood floor with their hard-bottom shoes. Pattin' their feet and clappin' their hands. This is a SENIOR CHOIR song. It just has that feel. Plus after age 68, you have the right to curse, EVEN IN CHURCH, so the lyrics "I know you really thank.....yo' SH*T dont stank" is acceptable for our older crowd to harmonize.

"HEY YA" (Outkast)
- Can't you just see the PLAID suit? This is what I call PRAISE & WORSHIP!!!!! This is the song that makes you put your hand on your hip and hop up and down and snap your neck. Some old lady is in the back reliving her days in the club. Then the drummer get to hittin them drums so good all you can do is PUMP your fist. Your hand is RED you holding it so tight!!!!!!! This could be a chinese church too. "HEYYYY YAAAAAAAAA". It's got to be a west coast church. The Asian-American choir sings on 5th Sunday out in the bay area. That singer.....oh he's black. "YOUUUU KNOW WHAT TO DOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO". "IM JUST BEING HONEST OH OHHHHHHHH". "CHRISTIANS.....NOW WHATS COOLER THAN BEING COOL.................(BAPTISM).........I DIDNT HEAR YOU........(BAPTISM)"

Its alright to PRAISE HIM

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

Tuesday, November 15, 2005

"The TRUTH Shall Set You Free"
By Salvador Gabor

"Momma said there'd be days like this, there'd be days like this........My momma said". Momma did say there'd be days like this. She always said "The truth will set you free as well". The TRUTH. What is it? The TRUTH is the honest opinion anor standpoint within your heart. I was always taught to tell the truth. Tell it at all costs. Even if people dont like it, even it initially it make raise a few brows. Now do I always DO what was told of me? That's another story. But even in my mishaps and downfalls, I can respect a man who tells the truth, when put in a situation where an answer is needed from him.

Terrell Owens has been the subject of many radio shows, television shows, watercooler discussions and conversations on public transportation. Many folks have beaten this topic in the ground. And the Philadelphia Eagles season is now laying next to that beaten topic. The fact of the matter is that, whether we like it or not, Terrell was tellin THE TRUTH. In his mind, the truth was that the Eagles weren't as good as they could be because of Donovan McNabb. Not saying that McNabb "cant get it done" but, in trying times, in all honesty, we haven't seen the Donovan McNabb that we are used to seeing doing Michael Jackson dances in the end zone after rushing touchdowns. McNabb is a fan favorite around the league. I love his personality and I believe he has the capability of making history in the NFL. We just haven't seen that McNabb come to play yet. And when asked his feelings about the scenario posed my Michael Irvin of Brett Favre being better for the Eagles at THIS moment, Terrell simply agreed. Him saying "No" would have been a lie because "No" wasn't the opinion or standpoint in his heart. And simply by-passing the question altogether would have also been a dead give-away as to how he feels. He couldn't run from the question. So he didn't. He also said McNabb wasn't a "warrior". Well in a pivotal game last night against the Dallas Cowboys with 40 seconds remaining on the game clock and your team down by one (1) point to a rival in a game that has SEASON-long implications, a "warrior" doesn't sit and watch Mike McMahon and Reggie Brown screw up an opportunity to put the Eagles in a great position to win the game with a field goal by David Akers. Instead of McMahon making the pass to Reggie Brown, the pass is a "duck" than is then DROPPED by Brown, who by the way got real accustomed to dropping passes. That should have been McNabb to Owens for a 30 yard completion to set up the game-winning kick. But pride and the "Truth" got in the way. Maybe McNabb was too hurt to play the last minute of the game. T.O. still could have gotten the job done and playing McMahon or Ty Detmer wouldn't be so hard with an All-Pro receiver on the field. Maybe the team and McNabb were mad at Owens because they knew all too well that what he was saying was the "Truth". Maybe it was not only that he spoke the "Truth" but ALSO that Terrell Owens IS the "TRUTH", and in the Eagles hearts.......that is really their opinion/standpoint on the situation as well. So to all those fans at Lincoln Financial who buried T.O. last night, you can bury your playoff hopes AND your "run" as NFC East Champions right along side him.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

Monday, November 14, 2005

Sal's Corner

Yes indeed. Birthdays are celebrated everyday. Except for Jehovah's Witnesses but anywho. We always look at the special day that we were born. But we often forget the day of Conception. Weeks ago we took a deep look into birthday months but, let's look into the conception month 9 months prior to that birth date. Keep in mind, some of yall were "pre-mee's" (premature babies). We not gonna talk about ya' mamma crack addiction but we just gonna assume yall were full term babies. Remember, the formula is "Birthday month minus 9 months equals conception month"

JANUARY - January babies were conceived in April of the prior year. So what was mom and dad doing when yall January babies were conceived? Momma got that income tax check back and they went to Atlantic City. You mighta been BORN in your state but you sho' nuff wasnt conceived there.

FEBRUARY - February babies were conceived in May of the prior year. It was just getting hot. Some of yall parents had just graduated from college. Some of yall parents was at the prom. Some of yall mommas was just tryna show them legs off at lunchtime and daddy came by and they did something nasty during the day. Now you can figure as a February baby which scenerio brought you here. If yo momma is only 17 years older than you, it's the prom. If she bout 22-23 years older, she had you as a graduation gift. If yo' momma is 30-35 years older than you, she was entering her last summer where she could really wear them summer dresses and pops caught her or at least met her at lunch

MARCH - March babies were conceived in June of the prior year. Un hmmmm. It's hot and what happens at Virginia Beach.......stays in Virginia Beach except for YO' LIL BUTT. Yall march babies are right there on, or close after Memorial Day into June. It's hot, nasty and sweaty in June.

APRIL - April babies were conceived in July of the prior year. I think April babies have he highest chance of having brain damage. Momma and daddy out there dumb drunk listening to Millie Jackson and Donna Summer late night during the 4th of July weekend. They in the alley line stepping. April babies are wild because your daddy MIGHT not be yo' daddy. It coulda been some drunk "switchin" going on. Your uncle could be yo daddy. You know everybody break up and be mad around July.

MAY - May babies were conceived during August of the prior year. See yo' momma is a sneak freak. She got pregnant in August.......then in December she showing. We know what she been doin' in the summers of past. Till you came along, of course.

JUNE - June babies were conceived in September of the prior year. One thing for sure, if you were conceived in September, it wasn't on a SUNDAY. Men too busy watching football and the women too busy being mad cause they aint getting no attention. School is back in effect during that time too. So if your older siblings were in school, they were in the bed early during that time. (ever notice how your parents make you go to bed early in september for school the next day but the rest of the year you go whenever? maybe it was just me)........

JULY - July babies were conceived in October of the prior year. Nice and cold. July babies were made from Love.....not Lust. You gotta cuddle in that cold air. Aint no up and leaving.

AUGUST - August babies were conceived in November of the prior year. I dont know if it was her Halloween outfit that had daddy in the mood or that good thanksgiving meal. Who knows? November is a happy time for most folks.

SEPTEMBER - September babies were conceived in December of the prior year. Feliz Navidad. All I can is..... ya mother got more than a sweater for Christmas.

OCTOBER - October babies were conceived in January. I call yall "parking lot babies". That's what yall are, "parking lot babies". See in January you sit out in the car and contemplate the next 12 months. You out on your date. Yall talkin. And he's saying ALL the right things. So why go home. Do it RIGHT there. And PLUS its a long weekend cause its "Martin Luther THE KING" weekend TOO........and yall just leave Mr. Ray's cabaret TOO!! Shoot........its ON in this Buick!

NOVEMBER - November babies were conceived in February. Is it HARD to tell. FEBRUARY people! You know this topic was created because I realized that I have ran into ALOT of November babies recently. More than any other month. And I realized, February is the month when Valentine's Day is celebrated in. Now alot of yall November babies running around here gotta realize.........Love was in the air when you were born. Love and Marijuana and stank alcohol. Yes sir. I can see it now. The year was 1978. Yo daddy was driving a Oldsmobile. Headed over to the Motel to see yo momma. She is just arriving. She checks in. All she has is a plastic bag with her lingerie and an extra pair of drawls. And dad is on his way over with no change of clothes and a bottle of remy. Your mother is "freshening up" and letting her bottle of "Andre" rest on a bucket of ice. She comes out and lays on the bed. Your father walks in, stumblin a bit. Momma is sitting there eatin' some Katydids and then daddy walks in and there is no convo. "Burn it up" and leave is his motive. They get it in on "ValemTIMES" and that's how you got here. Put two fingers in the air for that low budget lingerie, remy martin, Andre and katydids.....oh yeah Days Inn too for making this life of your possible.

DECEMBER - December babies were conceived in March. December babies are probably the most "planned" pregancies. There aren't many big events in March that would be under some influence of lust, holiday celebration and or substance. Put then again its hard to plan having a baby in March that would be due in Christmas when December is usually when the most money is spent at one time. Who knows. We can figure em all out. We got 11 of the 12. That's pretty good

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

Thursday, November 10, 2005

Sal's Corner

As we continue this NBA theme, we now take a look at the Knicks. I find the Knicks to be a very interesting group of young men. Imagine this being a gang or neighborhood crew? Alot of trouble would be ahead for these young men. I often look at teams like this and wonder how they act on road trips? How they act in the hotels? In the locker room? So you know if they were teenagers running rampid through the streets of a neighborhood, they would be beyond uncontrollable.


Quentin is a young guy in the crew. Running the halls wit da older dudes. Quentin has a nice looking sister. He done fought a couple dudes over her and now he has to fight girls too cause his sister is gay. He found out one day when his headband was missing and he got to school and she had it on. Anyways he dont cause much trouble but he's always laughin.


Ole Jerome. Jerome is like 21 in the 11th Grade. He don't mean no harm. He is just being Jerome. His girlfriend is 13 in the 9th Grade. By the time they both get to the 12th Grade, he will be able to rent a car without a cosigner or major deposit and she'll be old enough to drive under his insurance.


"Yall cant play back here. Im bout to leave AND that's my ball". YES, he's one of THEM type niggas. You can only get a game going on the court in his alley if HE is there.


Channing and Jerome have the same tutor. It's obvious that the tutor aint doing a good job. I'll leave it at that. People say he is tall for his age. Tall for his grade maybe. But at 19......he can be that height.....but not in the 7th Grade.


Antonio was the first nigga in your hood that needed deodorant. You know when you like 9 years old, you start getting musty. He was the one out of the crew who kinda gave the signal to the rest of yall that "we need deodorant". Another thing about Antonio is he is too touchy. Always wanna dap a nigga when laughing. Throwing elbows to your shoulder cause he cant control his laughter. Always the type to step on your shoes too. Just big and akward.


"EDDY come on in dis been out there ALL day. You know you got that heart ailment. You need to get straight and come on in to go to bed". Eddy's family always embarrasses him.......somehow, someway. Eddy is probably the most talented guy on the block. Lives in a house with all women and the coaches of all his activities are the father figures in his life. He toes the line sometimes. He hangs with "them drug boys" as his grandmother would say but he won't get into too much trouble. He is still in the church. Jr Usher of the year was awarded to him in 2001 and he also plays the drums at the 5th Sunday evening services.


Trevor was always a lil "off". Some thought he was gay. Others thought he was crazy. He just ventured off after a while. He was the one skateboarding and wearing black all the time. He had a heavy collection of porn and chinese movies. It was cool at first to go to Trevor's house and watch movies but he always wanted to have these "contests". Then everybody stopped going to his house.


Lil Nate's gonna make it out the hood. Go to college, play a lil ball and do something with his life. He doesn't say much, just smiles. His mother might have a nice body. Either her or his sister. He knows they look. He just smiles "go head yall". Nate's a good guy


You almost HAD to know that he is a Junior. He is a splitting image of his daddy. One day he will take over his daddy's auto shop. "Maurice aint got time to play football today, he got shocks to put on". He never answers his door or the phone. So if you want to get in touch with reece.......daddy is gonna be the man you gotta go through


Malik is the kid with the African heritage and you'd never know until you go in his house and they have a baby tiger as a pet. And his room has a spear on the ceiling. And you shoulda known the whole time. He gave yall signs. The sandles he wore to the 8th Grade prom shoulda keyed you off.


Jackie. Thats a NAME for ya! Jackie used to be the fat boy of the neighborhood. But 35 lbs shedded and a new Cadillac does wonders for your luck with the ladies. And with that job he has driving the city bus, he'll be ok with those good benefits.


Thats Anfernee's cousin. You hate Anfernee so you KNOW you gotta hate Matt. Matt and Anfernee tried to jump Jackie......he beat them both up. Trevor used to hang with Matt and Anfernee but things didn't go right. Some undisclosed incident in the room watchin' one of Trevor's "tapes". Who knows


Jamal and Malik had the African households. Jamal's identity was a lil more obvious. He talked more than Malik and his touchdown dances in the alley was a sure giveaway. Jamal now has the ladies. But he can never keep em. His parents meet them and say they are too "american".


Stephon is he hood legend. His mother looks GOOD too. Yes BETTER than Nate's mother and sister combined. She is about 36. So she still hip. He was the best dressed in school. She got her GED around the same time he graduated. He's a cool guy. And he will take your girl. YES, I know you are saying "Not this BIG HEAD nigga". YES.......that's him. That's the guy who took the girl to the prom that you were too scared to ask. You procrastinated one day too much. And he kept a close clinch on her ALL night to let you and every other dude KNOW that he is the dude with your chick on his arm. HE's a lil cocky, yes, I'll admit but he's the cool guy in the hood

KEEP your remote here, I'll be back with more teams very soon.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

Monday, November 07, 2005

Sal's Corner

Im not a parent. I cant say I'm planning on being one. But if it happens. Anyway, Ive observed parenthood for sometime now and I see some mistakes that parents make. Yeah it's easy to call it when you AREN'T in the situation but hey.........I'm gonna do me. But here are a few things that parents shouldn't do

*HINDERING YOUR CHILDREN FROM TALKING TO THE OPPOSITE SEX - I can remember as a child, my mother would take me places. Other women would say "he's a nice looking young man, I KNOW the girls are calling the house".......Moms would say "THEY BETTA NOT BE". And as a kid it's almost like you are SCARED to talk to a girl cause you dont wanna get caught. And soon as you get 25 your parents are tryna RUSH you off to get married. How a nigga supposed to know how to even converse with a lady if you wasnt allowed to early on. Parents, I aint saying you ought to let your kids have overnight "company" but get them used to dealing with the opposite sex as they grow up.

*KARATE - Parents (especially SINGLE Mothers), dont put "JJ" in Karate. I know you want him to bond and be apart of a male dominated sport but football, basketball and baseball never hurt nobody. The worst thing is him going from "The Wiggles" to "Yugi-oh" to "Power Rangers" to KARATE class. Karate makes that kid much more wilder than he needs to be. Just too much barefoot, country buckwildness going on. Your new boyfriend comes over the house and he try to dap "JJ" up and he just say "HIGHHHHHHHHHHH YAAAAAA". The boyfriend smiles but his leg is HURTING! Then you go in the room to "Freshen up" and now your boyfriend "Kenny" gotta basically fend this lil heathen off by twistin' his wrist just to get a breath of fresh air. "JJ" done broke some kid tooth in Bible Study. "JJ" done busted a lil girl lip at day care. The PE teacher calling home cause "JJ" kickin kids during the "Jumpin Jacks" exercise. Dont take your kids to Karate class. Then the first time they get into a fight at school...........a nigga be done WHUPPED "JJ" cause none of that BS "Master Johnson" taught him will work in real life. You rented all them Jet-Li tapes for nothing. Cause now "JJ" the one with the busted lip and broken tooth.

*OUTFITS - Parents.....dont act so old so early. If you going to church...dont put the lil man in the short set with the white socks. You are messing up any chance of him growing up to be a thorough nigga. He can't act hard in Jr. High and the kids are like "William in here fakin'.....he used to have the Mr. Furley outfits in the kindergarten". That can shatter his chances at getting respect from his peers.

*HAVING THE CHILD - Some of yall just shouldn't have had the children in the first place. Im not saying "have an abortion" but you shoulda considered this before you had unprotected sex. This is not JUST to the unmarried. Some of the marrieds aint ready for kids either. If you gotta have a license to drive, a degree to get a job, a CDL to drive a truck, a license to own a gun, 18 to smoke, 21 to drink and 5'8" to ride a roller coaster, by golly then it should be an office for reproduction and intimacy under the Federal Government System. And this isn't a one-time license. You have to renew this bad boy every year. And whenever you want to have a child, or you feel that in the next year you might have a gotta go before a board and take an I-Q test. If you dont take that test and pop up with a kid.......the Gov't can take your child if they deem it necessary. It's gotten to that point man. Im serious! They need to attach chastity belts to females at like 7. Anything after that is "play ball" these days. Girls in the 4th grade....PREGNANT! It's crazy. You should have to go downtown to get the belt detached.

*WASTING TIME - God gave you 18 years to raise your kids. Thats more than enough time to cover what needs to be covered with your child. I think many of us FORGET that as parents, you are the teachers and coaches for these kids before they step into the world on their own. And best believe what you DON'T cover in the household, the kids will learn in the streets. And that's real deal. But what most parents do is feed the child, put a roof over their head and say "no" to all the things you don't want them doing. But during that 18 years in which you are just doing THAT, you are missing out on teaching them lessons they will learn on "da bricks" and not in house. And the way they learn outside and out and about is alot of times the wrong way with the wrong reasoning behind it.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"

Tuesday, November 01, 2005

Sal's Corner

In keeping with the NBA theme for the week, I wanted to look at a team or two over the next few weeks. I wanted to break down some teams and I wondered......."WHAT IF NBA TEAMS WERE GANGS/NEIGHBORHOOD CREWS"? How would or could we run down the team if they were a crew of fellas off the court in a regular urban neighborhood? I took the INDIANA PACERS and broke down how they would look standing in front of your corner store.


Fred just started hanging with them. His mother kept him in the house but now he can at least go to the Thursday parties. Wednesdays still off limits. Stephen Jackson paying his way in


Anthony is the working nigga. He work somewhere where he wear blue uniforms. He goes out to the go-go with the uni on like its cool. He is the nigga with a car. Artest usually asks him to run him down to the precinct to take his urine before 6:30


3 Words.....YOUNG DIRTY & WILD. No money on the weed and a Big Coat.


TEMPER.......he is the nigga who starts the fights. Contrary to what people believe its HIM. Slim tall nigga wit a temper.


The Georgia nigga that comes up for the summer. Now he turned 18 and he wanna move back up here with his family. But he down wit da clique. He actually has more pull than Fred and Anthony and David. He gets the call to go out when the main niggas dont want all the bum niggas to go


Too grown.........Too Early. Momma said stay away from him. His mother lets him stay out too late. Everybody around him gets shot or locked up.........but he somehow escapes. He is bad luck


TROUBLE. he forces EVERYONE around him to do WHAT HE SAYS. He's the guy that dont bring your bike back for HOURS. He never quite got charged with that rape on Denisha but everyone kinda knows something went down that day she skipped school with him


"SHOOT that nigga FRED". And with those words......Fred got his first charge. Stephen is a "Hype Man". he is also the ring leader of the crew. Two Words: REMY MARTIN. And alot of it too! Always concerned with "Who gettin the bottles!". Liquor store runs are his nich' in the crew. He dont have "NARE" car but always calling the shots on where the crew goes.


The Suburb nigga out the crew. Somebody knows him. Who that person is.......we dont know. We dont know HOW he got in the neighborhood and why he is still there. Stephen Jackson is ALWAYS pondering upon this. "MAN Jamaal who IS this nigga?". "Thats YO' Man"

Look forward to the Break down of a few other teams such as the Washington Wizards, The Detroit Pistons, Los Angeles Clippers and a special look into the New York Knicks

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"