Friday, December 10, 2004

"Secret Lover"
By Salvador Gabor

BAAABY SHHHHH, you are too loud. My wife might hear us down here. See, this is why we gotta do what we do in the car.......or in the parking lot. But I love you so much that I wanna take my time with you. Im tired of coming in the house and I can't breathe cause I rushed through the motions with you. My wife knows about you. Or should I say she KNEW about you. I told her, you and I were done along time ago. But she never knew how deep of a love we had. Or should I say HAVE. Your love is so confusing. Confusing to the point where I don't even know what tense to speak of you from. The Past, the Present, the Future.......or just forever.

Where do I go from here? I come in the house and my wife knows I'm not hungry. I just come in and go to sleep. I wake up and I don't need breakfast. WENDY, I love you. I don't love her. She said that it's either you or her. And Im almost ready to choose you. She wants me to get rid of you. Just so we can go on a cruise or maybe go to a High School reunion. She says that thinking about you is bad for my health. But I Love you WENDY! Forget a cruise, forget a reunion. I hate my wife now!

WENDY, do you know my wife has the nerve to be cheating on me and she lies about it. I saw some guy's name in her phone. Some dude named ATKIN! I confronted her and she said it's her "personal trainer". She said she told him about you and I and ATKIN said, you're bad for me????? Well I don't care's you and me forever. I will always be there for you. And you will always be there for me.


Your favorite customer,
Donte' Chapman