Monday, December 27, 2004

Sal's Corner

"Ooooh party over here! Party over there!". As we near New Year's I know everyone wants to boogie. Whether at the club, at home or shouting at church, people gonna be dancing. This is the season where EVERYONE is dancing. Even your co-worker who's been off for 45 days with a bad back is in the spot electric sliding. You got to boogie when you can. Early and often. Some of yall can't dance. Some of yall cant dance. Some of yall CAN but, surprisingly enough........many people don't know what makes your dance moves what they are

* Elbows - You can't dance without elbows being in action. See Elbows establish the room you need to boogie. Dancing without elbows is just dancing. With the elbows, you can boogie. You can hold the elbows high or keep em at chest height. The high elbow is better for dancing and moving across the floor. You might just see Keith and Dewey in the cut and wanna get over and holla at em. Slide on across and keep the elbows high so you dont butt no one in the eye. Now if the elbows are chest gotta dig into the floor and let it go.

* The Neck - You can stand still and just move your neck and let it be known, "Im here and IM JUST giving yall the NECK but, dont let me get loose".

* Lips - Depending on the groove, the lip motion will vary. When the song first comes on and its YOUR jam, your lips will form into almost a "blowing" motion. Once it gets to going, if the elbows are chest high, and you diggin into begin to BITE the lip. Some of them sassy ladies begin to do the "hmmmmph" look with their lips. Vanessa is looking like "I dont care if you laughing at my dance, this is the bomb song right here". Now you gotta be careful, if that groove gets too serious (The Bass Guitar Player in the song is doing HIS THANG), that face might get real FUNKY. The lip is extra curled. They begin to dance like they are running from a Skunk fresh out of a dumpster.

* Hairstyle - The Jheri Curl and the Shirley Temple do's are the best for dances. People with curls always have a lil extra to give you with the elbows and neck. They always look from left to right REALLY quick just to shake the curls. They tend to give the "Funkiest" looks too.

* Fingers - You can snap if you just wanna get cool and keep it cute. But when you start pointing at people, you letting em know you into it. And once you get your greeting WHILE dancing down pat, you are now too cool. You might swing around with your hips and see Buck and Ned in the corner and just throw the thumbs up and keep it going.

* Dancing with the same sex - Now this is an interesting topic. Because its SO close to being homosexual but it then again its not. Ladies see their girls and they might dance together. Guys see the homies and you might do a handshake while yall are grooving but Larry might hold your hand too long and yall just might get caught up in a groove. Or Larry might just stand there and egg you on as you get even more hype.

* EYES - THIS is important. If them eyes close, you might catch the Holy Ghost UP IN THE CLUB. If the right song come on, a nigga might drop his drink and say "HALLELUJAH" right at the bar. Whenever somebody closes their eyes, its almost over. Give them maximum space. A loud outburst might come.

* Fists - This is the ULTIMATE. If you got that fist in the air while you are dancing you might FIGHT the DJ if the song changes. That fist.....waved like the "Black Power" gesture at the Olympics is very serious when dancing. No one can pull you off the floor when your fist is in the air. It could be a fire in the bathroom and you gonna be out there stepping

JUST make sure you look out for these moves and tips this Holiday Season. When you see em, know what they mean and give everybody a lil space to get their jam on. "Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"