Monday, December 20, 2004

Sal's Corner

YES it is beginning to look alot like Christmas.....EBBERY WHERE you go. With this being the season for giving, many folks will be out shopping for you and vice versa. I feel for that 10 year old with a 45-55 year old set of parents. Bessie and Butch waited to have little Walter. Now he is 10 with a pair of 52 year old parents that KNOW NOTHING about what he wants for Christmas. He might be stuck with a remote control car, an ugly sweater, some high top shoes that come to his calf and some tight jeans for Christmas. But BRAND NAMES have hurt Christmas shopping. Some people like Bessie and Butch with that 10 year old son are still relying on certain Brands to be around. Now Christmas shopping is just ONE instance where Brand Names can hurt. In general, One name can get very popular and people never quite get THAT name outta their heads. The following are some of the most famous Brands that people never get passed.

* Mercedes Benz - You could be on your porch with granddaddy and EVERY car that looks nice that drives by, he's gonna ask "Is that a Mercedes Benz?" or "What's that.....a Mercedes?". After Mercedes Benz, it's hard for another luxury sedan to make a mark that lasts. Lexus is pretty close. I believe thats just cause of how its pronounced. Uncle Tud can't quite get that "X" down pat so he just says "Lessus". Blame it on the dentures.

* Nintendo - Yall know how it's Christmas afternoon. You done broke out the new Playstation 2 games. Then some old fool walks in the back room and says "Yall back here playing that ole Tendo". YES "TENDO" cause for some reason people over the age of 48 cant say the NIN at the beginning. If it aint "Tendo" its "NA-Tendo". And furthermore, there have been 80 game systems to come out since Nintendo, why do people still talk about THAT brand?

* Zerox - For the MILLIONTH time, please do not say "Go Zerox this for me". Zerox is not the proper term for making copies. Zerox is ONLY a company that makes copy machines. The correct term is "Photocopy".

* Red Lobster - If you haven't noticed by now, the majority of this "corner" is dedicated to older folks. And with that being said, OLD FOLKS LOVE Red Lobster. This is "going OUT" to them. Your mother be in the place sneaking them garlic biscuits in her purse. She'll never have a chance to get another Lobster for $19.99. But everytime you take an old person out its always "I coulda went to Red Lobster for this mess". They can never appreciate any other restaurant.

* Kentucky Fried Chicken - Even with the legal change of the name to KFC, some people STILL only know it as KENTUCKY FRIED! Everytime your house have some guests, somebody gotta run down to KENTUCKY FRIED and get a box of chicken so momma aint gotta cook. Your nearest chicken place could be Popeyes but they still call that KENTUCKY FRIED.

* Michael Jordan's - You better not have on a pair of new shoes in front of certain people. They will immediately ask "Are those them Michael Jordan's ?" It's never "Air Jordan's" or "Jordan's"...........ALWAYS MICHAEL JORDAN'S. Why every shoe gotta be "Jordan's". And when you tell em "Naw these are Adidas" or "These are Jason Kidd's", they are still confused. And the worst thing is when some old lady asks you how much you paid for the shoes and your mother is standing right there. And even though you are in the back of the CHURCH, you gotta drop the price by $50-75 and say you paid $85 for them.

These are just a few of the major brands that for some strange reason, we like to use as the default name for all products similar to it. Dont fall into this zone.