Thursday, December 09, 2004

"News & Notes"
By Salvador Gabor

* Jesse Cheatum of Capitol Heights, MD one the Eastern Seaboard Biscuit Eating contests held in Sandy Cove, MD. Jesse a former Bojangles employee, has experience with Biscuits and ate them all day during his 10 hour shifts frying chicken. He says that gave him an advantage over the second place contestant, Willamena Floyd. Jesse received a bag of flour, a wooden biscuit roller and plenty of toilet tissue as a reward for winning the first place position

* Renaldo Witherspoon will be out 3-4 weeks from his normal UPS duties with a strained calf muscle. While delivering packages in South Philly, he was chased by a doberman and attempted to hop a gate and strained his calf muscle. There is no word on the extent of the injury but, UPS managers expect Renaldo to be back at work by the middle of January

* The 31st Baptist Church of Watts will not be holding a Christmas Day Service due to the fact that Christmas Eve is on a Friday night. Pastor Duke Jenkins said that he didnt want to risk a low turn due to "Niggas in the Club the night before". Pastor Jenkins has no plans of reversing his decision to cancel the service.