Thursday, December 30, 2004

Jive Sammy Banquet Dedication
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Dabney Lewis, shown above, and a host of others took part in the Jive Sammy Banquet Dedication on December 27th. The Jive Sammy Banquet is a momentous event honors family members helping out their pipehead kin. Many of us in the black community know how hard it is to fight the temptation of the street and all that it includes. Many of us have family who are addicted to or sell crack and crack products.

Dabney Lewis attended the Jive Sammy Banquet, in honor of his uncle Jive Sammy. Jive Sammy was a famous pipehead known throughout Sursum Cordas and Kentland. Jive Sammy had the jones real bad. He once stole water-wings from Dabney's son Glenn-Glenn and sold them to a dealer at the pool for a hit of that snowflake. Dabney never really forgave Jive Sammy for that, and here he is seen in the hallway arguing with his aunt Ruth, who wanted him to speak on Jive Sammy's behalf. "That nigga is a thief, he steals from children, he stole from you, and momma, and grandma, I won't say what I want to say on the mic, so I aint saying nothing, I don't care where he got the wagon from, Glenn-Glenn is 14 now what he want with a wagon".

The Jive Sammy Banquet is an awards dinner that is for pipeheads, but mainly for their families. Families need to learn to forgive their pipehead kin, while turning anger and distrust into positive qualities promoting family function and conjunction. Oswald Decency received the Jive Sammy Recovery Award for turning his back on crack after a 15 year love affair with that white woman. Oswald's brother Jameson received the Jive Sammy Forgiver Award for forgiving Oswald for running up his bank card at KMart and for using the bathroom in his house-plants three October's ago. For other banquet news please go to to learn of this and many other free and pre-paid banquets.