Tuesday, December 21, 2004

"Christmas Gifts"
By Salvador Gabor

Christmas seems to be moreso for the kids nowadays. It's the joy of a parent watching a child open gifts. Its the joy of watching kids play with the snow and making snowmen. It's the joy of giving the gift to the children to present to grandma and granddad. The joy of relaying the idea to KIDS the real reason for the season.

Well since we are talking about KIDS, lets investigate what KIDS want for Christmas. If it's not "Tickle me Elmo", it's some game system or some dance pad where they stomp on the living room floor all day. But over the years, two items have been a constant. A PET and a REMOTE CONTROL CAR. A dog/cat and a car have always been gifts that kids want. Sure the styles change and the times do as well but, the basic Pet and the Remote Control Car NEVER go outta style.

The Remote Control Car. This is ALWAYS a dandy to watch on Christmas Day. It's typically a boy's gift. He takes it outside and he has no idea of how to work the toy. He just pushes buttons. After about 10 minutes, he's hit every CURB, WALL AND POLE in the area of your household. He has flipped the lil car over about 17 times. He has to walk over and continue to pick it up. Now after about an hour, the little boy is frustrated. He cant get the toy to go where he wants it to go. Sometimes when it goes TOO far, it is out of the range of the remote and he has to run and get it. Then maybe an hour later the car has to be charged. NOW the kid is going bezerk. You have to charge it for about 6 hours just to get 2 hours of play time. The boy is impatient. After an hour of charging, he wants to play again. He pulls the plug out and takes it outside and the car wont budge. The Kid doesnt understand how to "control" the car NOR does he know how to take care of it.

The Dog is a funny gift as well. When you give a dog to a little girl, she adores it. She hugs it, She squeezes it and MAYBE she might kiss it. Now the dog likes affection but, the dog aint big on it. But, the little goes out and gets the dog clothes to wear. She dresses the dog up all nice and cute. When's the last time you saw a dog that actually likes to wear shirts with ruffles on the sleeves. Dogs never look like they are happy when they have these little cute outfits on. Then the little girl walks the dog. The dog doesnt wanna be out in the middle of January at 6:00 A.M. just because YOU can't walk em at 9:00 when its warmer cause you gotta be at school. In the dog's mind he is saying "I dont have to take a dump NOW.........IM STILL SLEEP". As the little girl gets older, she begins to walk to the park with the dog. The dog is standing RIGHT there in front of her and she may have a convo with another dog owner. That girl begins to talk about her dog and its problems and they exchange stories. They talk as if the dog isn't even there. The dogs dont WANT to be there. Because once again it's 6:00 A.M. and its not their fault that you have to be at work or at school later on. I Tell ya.........Dogs go through it as gifts.

Well many of us adults act like KIDS with gifts at Christmas. This is especially the case when it comes to our significant others. Men, we tend to treat our women like remote control cars. We always claim that they need our direction but, we are too young in the mind to know how to control the car. We keep bumping them against the wall. Sometimes we drive them too far out and when we get mad we like to slam them down on the ground and run away in tears because we are mad. But then that older more mature person shows us how to control the vehicle and it becomes fun. Women, you can sometimes treat your man how you treat your dog. He doesn't want to be changed. He's not used to wearing pink shirts with ruffles at the end. He hates staying in the car with the windows up and for God's sake, when you get around other women with "dogs", you talk about them like they aren't sitting RIGHT THERE.

In so many words, you can't make a dog into something he is not and you can't keep flipping a remote control car over and making it do things it wasnt meant to do. And furthermore, people are humans.......not TOYS. Many people pray to God that he sends them a mate that is a "gift" from above. Sometimes we just have to grow up. Remember, Christmas is for the KIDS.