Tuesday, November 16, 2004

"Vacation Time"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr

Alas the holidays are upon us. Many of us are always searching for that special getaway after Christmas, or during Thanksgiving, for those sellouts who can't stand to smell chitterlings and fried turkey. Well we are here to help you in your quest for the perfect vacation. Christmas is no time to venture to warm islands with beige sand, it is a time to behold the lovelyness that is what it should be. Come on and ride with us on our 1st Annual bus trip to Jackson, MS. What a time we will have this December 27th. Come spend your Christmas money with us, and share stories over a 14 hour bus-cruise. We will have leftover Christmas dinner all the way down, from Leetha and Kendall's house. Kendall is frying a turkey this year, so Dasney won't have to cook it. You got to bring your own greens, and this bus, the "Justice Bus #829" is a double decker-bus equipped with 5 microwaves. Please get your seats early, Mrs. Wakeman has already reserved one of the tables in the back. We will be attending this year's 17th Annual Mississippi State BarbeQ, and the Squash Ball sponsored by 345th Welcome Lodge of the Eastern Stars. Please call 301-455-3534, and ask for Delilah Washington, she will be taking all the moneys. What a time we have with good soul food brought and bought, but you cannot purchase a soul on this trip. Coupons from last time's trip are not valid, unless stamped by our bus notary Ms. Delilah Washington, she spearheads all of our bus trips.

Thank you in advance and may your Tuesday be prosperous.