Monday, November 01, 2004

Sal's Corners
"Kids of Today"

Kids of today are DEPRIVED. That's why you cant go in the mall without seeing 25 fifteen year olds having a Harlem Shake Contest by the food court. That's why you got 10 thirteen year olds taking turns firing a handgun. That's why young girls have 3 kids by the age of 21. They are DEPRIVED! Deprived from what..............

* Reading Rainbow - This was a GOOD show. Who else could go from playing a slave, to tap dancing to teach our kids about reading.........but Lavar Burton. He needs a standing applause right now ladies and gentlemen. I think it's a conspiracy. A Black Man got across a point of reading to millions of kids better than Mister Rogers or Captain Kangeroo. They didnt like that at all!

* Martin Luther King Movies - Why dont they show these anymore on TV for MLK's birthday? We NEED those movies. Once again......... Paul Winfield .......a Black Man just acting and getting a point across. We NEED this to teach our kids history

* After School Specials - Remember at 4:00 P.M, ABC would have those specials about drug use, rape and abuse? Well I guess Oprah is making too much money to have her show interrupted by some half hour special. She too busy giving away cars on her show! We need these specials back. Man them shows had us lil niggas SCARED to even say the word DRUGS. It instilled fear of doing the wrong thing!

* Officer Friendly - The police aint so Friendly anymore though. They'll beat you down like the next nigga will in the street. But remember Officer Friendly used to come to your school and pass out Football, Baseball and Basketball cards. YEAH........the cards were from BUM players but you loved them. You kept those cards and you respected the police. Now these kids HATE the Po-Po's.

* Clothes - Kids have more clothes now but they are deprived for that. Wearing shoes from Payless and the Grocery Store gave us Character. No name shoes and corderouy's made men out of boys and women out of girls. It was a rites of passage theory. No HS girl deserves Fendi Bags! No JR High kids need Cell Phone. I wish my kid would ask for a cell phone at 13, the only call they'd making is to JESUS.

* Wippings in Public - It's nothing better than a slap in the face at the grocery store and then being made to choke on your tears. I'd rather get my pants pulled down than to get slapped in the face. That slap makes you feel like your whole face is gonna shatter. All of a sudden, you dont know what to do with your hands. You cant put em in your pockets, and you cant just have em to your side. Your eyes glass up and all you can think of is "when can I go in a corner and cry freely?" Cause moms aint letting your cry on aisle 8 in front of all these people. Kids these days NEED that kinda embarrassment to keep them in place!

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"