Monday, November 08, 2004

Sal's Corner
"Violence MAY BE the Answer"

Im not a promoter of violence. Im really not. I promise I'm not. But I've been looking at some issues. Some of these issues need our deepest attention. And Im not sure if we are left with any option other than violence...........

Old People at ATM's - THEY ARE NOT FOR YOU. I WILL REPEAT........THEY ARE NOT FOR YOU. Go inside and do your transactions. Yall are taking entirely too much time squinting at the screen. Move before I kick you in yo' raggedy shin you old foggie! If you gotta press cancel and restart that transaction ONE MO' TIME.........Im a slap you right upside yo' greyish blue head! GO INSIDE the bank. ATM's are for people with FAST transactions. If you dont already KNOW the buttons to press, chances are a TELLER can help you..........they have at least 4 inside and they are paid to help people like you!

Kids who act up in Public - The parent tries to maintain his/her cool. But Lil Kenny is still crying...... just crying to make a scene. And then they take it to the level where you cant NOT notice em. Sometimes I wanna slap em up side the head FOR the parent. Just clip em up, make em buss their lip and slap em in the face.

People who STILL GEAR UP to drive - Yall know who Im talking about. The ones who still put on them leather gloves and shades before they drive. They got the CB in the front. They just love highway driving a lil too much. They stop at the rest stop and everyone is going to the vending machine and he just GOTTA wipe the car down. He all under the hood, checking the speedometer. They just take it all too serious!

Jr. High Students - They SWARE they are SO cool. But this is your worst time in life. You sware you are cool at 13 and 14 but, you are so off. I just wanna punch 13 year olds in the stomach. Thats around the time when you wear alot of denim. Jean jackets and outfits. Alot of wideleg jeans and fake jerseys. 14 year olds and your 45 year old uncles kinda dress alike. Both sware they are cool but are so far from it. I just wanna punch em!

Wanna-Be Gangsta Women - Ladies yall aint gangsta. So stop saying "I wish that TRICK would" and "I KNOW SHE DIDNT". Cause you aint gonna do NUFFIN. Put your earrings back on, pick up your purse and re-wrap your shawl and keep stepping. Ladies yall do TOO much fakin. Always wanna be the prettiest, prissiest woman. Acting like you Neiman Marcus when you really Hechts. "ALWAYS SOMETHING THERE TO EXCITE MEEEEEEEE". Yall kill me though. I know what the problem is..........There's not enough women are being SHOT. We need for female shootings for yall to act right. See us men we know one thing.......when two men disagree and they get loud..........somebody could get shot. Its a fact of life for us. Thats why some of us talk our way out of situations or simply keep our hands in our pocket and watch our friend get beat up in the club. Hey I cant do nothing but tell the truth. But females ALWAYS want start drama. Thats cause they know at the most they MIGHT get sliced with a knife. Females dont even poke knives. They only slice ya. Im not gonna be satisfied until some women start getting shot.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"