Monday, November 15, 2004

Sal's Corner
"Perfect Combinations?

They say that opposites attract. Im not sure how right they were when they say that. Some things are far from each other and rightfully so. Certain combos don't belong together. Oil and Water, White Supremecists and Black Panthers, Al Green and Grits.........I mean, everybody can't be together. So today I wanna talk about some less than perfect combinations.

Gay Thugs - EVERYBODY wanna be a gangsta now. But has it gone this far? We have TV shows depicting Gay Men as hustlas, killas and gangbangas???? I mean you can act as hard as you want to but it's no way you can say you are a thug and you kissing another man's chest. I can't figure that out for the life of me? Can you imagine your homie saying "Dag man.....Kevin Sexy as a mug!". You are not a thug if you are gay...........period. And these dominate gay women are about to get knocked out too. They get mad if you look at their girl. How am I to know "Lil Ki Ki" is her "boyfriend". These lil Butch women be pushin them limits.

Gospel Rappers - I believe in praising God but rap is not the way. Rap is hardcore. Rap is the streets. Rap is not meant to be heard directly after Shirley Caesar. In Rap, you gotta act tough sometimes. JUST some times at least. As a Christian rapper you can't battle rap. How you gonna say you are better than someone and you believe you are better than someone else that God made as well? And I can bet you 1 Million Dollars, every Gospel rapper wants to curse AT LEAST ONCE. Besides that, rap is a music that is about "Me". It's an "I" music. Every other word is "I" or "me". Its a competitive sport. Gospel Rappers need to stick to singing in quartets with Green Polyester suits.

Black Republicans - Boy I tell ya........Niggas........... yall getta lil money and don't know where you came from. You went from the Piccolo Club to the Country Club. You think you made it but when the potato salad comes out, they think YOU MADE IT. You putt puttin away and they still think you're the chef. You look like the one dot in that crowd of white folkses at the GOP meetings. I aint against Republicans. But I'm against people who don't know reality. Reality is, if you came from the hood and made a Million Dollars, chances are you are the only one who you know that did it. So therefore alot of people who truly love you arent as blessed as you. So hob knobbing wit dem folks aint doing too much to help the next man get to where you are.

Young Grandmothers - NOW THIS IS WILD. A woman has a child at 14. Her child has a child at 14. Now she's 28 going on 29 with a grandchild on the way? What part of the game is this? You celebrate your 40th birthday and your 12 year old grandson is setting up the chairs in the living room for the rest of the family to sit down. You turn 70 and your daughter is 56 and your grandson is 42. ALL yall getting discounts at Denny's!!!!!!!!

Church's Chicken & White Castle - For those who have been to NY, tell me what's this ABOUT! Minature hamburgers and wholesale priced chicken seems to be THE THING in the Big Apple! AND to top it off, if you go in a White Castle/Church's.........they gotta buzz you into the bathroom like you at a bank! Also Dunkin Donuts & Popeyes have alot of combo stores in New Yiddy as well? It's no wonder that people in Harlem don't have Stomach Cancer. Eating a Donut and some Cajun rice or a Mini Burger and a $2 Chicken combo might have your stomach turn green.