Monday, November 22, 2004

Sal's Corner
"The 2005 Ghetto Hall of Fame"

Welcome to 2005 Ghetto Hall of Fame induction ceremony. I am your host with the most, Salvador Gabor. Today we have some first ballot inductees and some long awaited inductees. Todays honorees are items, phrases and other things that need to be RETIRED. Just plain and simple. It was good while it lasted but, right about now it's becoming downright embarrassing. And the inductees are...........

* Long Finger Nails - know you like your nails but Ray can't even get a hot plate to eat cause you can barely cook with all dem nails. Take that Kool Aid Red lipstick off, get all the hair out of your face and go somewhere and cut dem nails boo. Thats done. Its a wrap. 16 inch nails are not cute unless you live with a Vampire

* The Gucci Bucket - AHHHHHHH. People I KNOW....... I KNOW its hard. We gotta let it go though. Some of our people actually have real Gucci products but, they have to go. I KNOW....its not your fault. Its Renisha and Peaches went to the swap meet and bought those fake Gucci hats and washed in the machine and they came out wrinkled and flimsy. NOW they look like melted records on their heads. It's all their fault. But, there's nothing we can do about it people. Thats the way that it is.

* "Doing the Dag on Thing" - This phrase has several derivatives such as "Doing the d*mn thing" and "Doing the mutha.......". Yes my precious ghetto people, we gotta give it up. That last thing we need is Carl from IT saying it and brutally messing it up. If other races getta hold to this phrase........before we know it they will murder this one like they did "Bling Bling".

* Naked Internet Pictures - Fellas keep ya shirt on when you are on Blackplanet. Ladies stop sending them butt naked pics through your cell phone. And you wonder why Steve aint call you back. Come on yall, we too grown for that. Your grandmother might be on Blackplanet or something. The funny thing about it is.........I run into peoples webpages and I KNOW I'm inclined to click on their page but the dude got his chest out so I dont even wanna look. I can name about 15 pages I haven't seen cause as soon as I click, you gotta be LL'n it for dem peoples. Ladies, aint nothing cute about having your leg cocked up in a Yahoo Personals pic. NOTHING at all.