Wednesday, November 03, 2004

by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Gregory "Look" Peet is looking for love in all the swankiest places, and in need of some in the most tenderest way. "Look" is an educated man of discipline and knowledge on many subjects. He is a graduate of the Women of Brewster Place Comfort in Food and Meditation Program, and really knows how to touch a woman's soul. This graduate of Shepherd Elementary School in Northwest DC knows all the good love nooks up and down upper 16th Street. It is not that he is versed in loving, but more or less because he likes to look, so says his name, and is a peeping tom. He was a member of the junior ROTC program of Dahlia Street and enjoys rubbing his feet after a good game of contact frisbee. "Look" is hungry for romance, or a big woman in beige underpants. If you are looking for "Look" give us a call at 301-455-3534, and maybe we can fill your heart or hands with love.