Wednesday, November 24, 2004

by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

James "Rico" Boykins is looking for love, lust, and/or both from a female barber. This former MC Hammer impersonator spends many countless hours working security at Curtis Blow concerts, and is on security detail at the Georgia Dome. He was also an extra on Miami Vice espisode #67, he was a druglord's bodyguard carrying an uzi. He has had no luck trying to lure an Atlanta Falcon cheerleader into his Tantric Lust Abode, but now his eye on a few rookie Hawks dancers. He enjoys working out. His famed Lock & Load pullup routine is famous throughout many gyms in Atlanta. Rico also likes cooking with his wok, writing love songs, and making red construction paper by hand. If you know any Asiatic women, or black women preferably with barbering licenses please give us a call, so we can hook up this hoeless romantic. The number is 301-455-3534, or log on to to see Rico in action.