Tuesday, November 02, 2004

News & Notes
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

The Crouton Committee has just elected it's 19th Chairperson. Shirleen B. Curris, was selected on last Friday to be the group's newest chairperson. A coordinator of salad and a lover of fried and spiced rices, Shirleen learned to cook at the tender age of 4. She made her first omelette on her sense of smell alone. She could confidently and accurately identify mushrooms, onions, and the difference between baked and grilled ham at such a young age. She was called the "Home Ec Prophet" by her second semester at MM Washington Culinary and Special Services High School in Washington, DC. She knows her nutmegs, mustards, and crabmeat, and was the perfect choice for the Crouton Committee. She was selected as a finalist to be on her own cooking show on FricaseeTV, but it didn't work out because the kitchen areas were too small. Shirleen's term begins, Tuesday after next and she will prepare a lovely moose-hamburger bisque-soup for her sister Earlene's bowling club. The Crouton Committee is a group for big women who enjoy cooking, laughing, taking an occasional walk, rocking back and folding their arms across their middle while they listen to stories, untucking their shirt tails from off their hip with a pinch-flick, and just good ole big woman fun. If you are big and love the smell of greens cooking, give us a call and we will point you to one our many satelite offices. Here our the 2 newest offices in the Washington DC area.

Barney Office Eastover Office
1246 Pennsylvania Ave, SE 7008 Southen Ave, SE
Washington, DC Washington, DC