Wednesday, November 10, 2004

"Am I on your side"
By Salvador Gabor

Do you know me? I'll give you some clues. They say I'm everything. People who have money don't have enough of me and people who DONT have money have too much of me. Naw I aint about being around broke niggas but, those are the people who tend to try to hang around me alot more. Some people work too much to hang around me. They need me in order to raise their kids the right way. Because they dont have me, their kids are devilish and know more words to songs than they do their school work.

You're probably wondering how I look? Sometimes I'm big, sometimes I'm small. I wear alot of leather and gold..........that's when I'm with my rich friends. Sometimes you can just look at the sun and find me. Im out and about but I usually go in a little early in the fall and winter. I can be tall when you miss somebody and I'm short when you are trying to get something done. I guess this isn't helping you at all. I'm just all over the board aren't I?

Ya's funny..........whenever I'm riding around with someone, they always get someone calling them to go do something. "Since you got HIM with you.........can you come by and fix this radiator?". Sometimes the person on the phone may not know that I'm there. They'll just ask "Do you got HIM......well if you do.........stop by........I got something for ya!"

It's sad though............cause when people arent around me.......they dont listen to anyone. All of sudden, conversations are shortened or cut off altogether. Families aren't together. People begin taking shortcuts on everything. And when people become upset at you for cutting them always use ME as an excuse.

I was always told........"if you dont have don't have nothing!". Am I on your side?