Tuesday, October 19, 2004

"Woman THOU Art Loosed!"
By Salvador Gabor

Hello all, I'm Montgomery Sims III and I'm here to tell YOU how I got RICH. YES. R I C H ..........rich! Before you change the channel........just take a look at these white women I am with. Then ask yo' self......."Have I EVER been with a white woman? JUST ONE.......?" Well I am here to say I have the privilege of being with two and it is ALL because of one thing........

I ran into a man named E. Cunningham and he introduced me to a laxative called "Woman Thou Art Loosed". No not to be confused with the movie. These pills are laxatives for heavy-set women who are addicted to buffets. YES go an eat all you want. I will be standing and a-waiting for you to finish. I will be sitting near you car in the Great American Buffet parking lots, Old Country Buffet parking lots, and even Sizzler. Yes, grab an extra plate and pile on the corn muffins, I have what you need as soon as you loosen that belt buckle

Now for the young enterprenuers who seek to find an affluent avenue for streams of income, listen in, up and close to what I have to say. You must put away the cute women for a while. Seek the biggest ugly women you can find. Make them want you. Make them love you. Then watch them eat. Give them a free "Woman Thou art Loosed" pill. Watch them deficate with ease. That will make them eat more. See.........the secret is, these are hunger pills as well. Once they "drop it like it's on fire", they will gain hunger again. Now remember that FREE pill I spoke of? Well it's no longer free. Make that HUSKY woman reach in her purse for MORE. Yes but, remember you must make her LOVE you!

In closing, I'd like to say that it is a pleasure doing bidness with you. Im a private type nigga so just call me for instructions on mailing Checks and Money Orders. The number is (301) 455-3534. Ask for Bill, Kent, Bishop or whoever you feel like asking for...........just make sure you got that money. OHHHHH yeah as for the white women........you gotta find them on ya own.