Thursday, October 21, 2004

"When my head is down"
By Salvador Gabor

(Snaps Fingers)

When my head is down
No need to frown
'Fore there is something
That I want on the ground
It is not a bad day
I don't see it in that way
Everything is OK
I'd rather look down today
I kick the grass with my feet
Hoping to be complete
I look in the bushes
I look in the skreet
My teeth are turning brown
And I look as if Im down
That's only my head
And my arms are red
Marked up and bruised
This life I continue to choose
What maybe on the ground
is what I have abused
You say "Keep your head up"
And I ask "why do you say that?"
Surely I could never look to the sky
If Im tryna find CRACK

This peom was submitted by Julius Moore of the Ward 5 Committee for Public Crack Users