Thursday, October 07, 2004

"What THEY do?"
By Salvador Gabor

Everybody wants to know what "They" do. So what do "They" do? "They" does everything. He is a multi-tasking, ambidexterous, and loves to be everywhere at once. If they was a shooting, you know "They" did it. If the was music on, you know "They" was partying. If you was told something, "They" told you. "They" is a well-rounded nigga. But he is hard to capture.

"They" is someone, I've never seen. I don't know anyone who has seen "They". Yet "They" is always in the middle of something. How can "They" fight in the club and no one knows where he lives. No one knew how "They" got to the club or who "They" is but, "They" beat somebody up? When the police comes, all people can say is........"Man THEY did it". But, we can never find out who "They" is?

Why can't we find out who "They" is? I personally think that it's because "They" is a smooth criminal. Now Annie are you ok? Are you Ok Annie? Whether you are or you are not, "They" wont be around when the crowd gets there. "They" will tell you a story and by the time people start asking you what was said, "They" is gone and you can't even describe who "They" is. Sometimes I get the feeling that some of us know "They". We are just scared to say who "They" actually is. So we'll tell our friend what "They" said and then when the friend is offended we say man "They" told me. But you wont tell em who "They" is. Some of us know who "They" is but, the event happens so fast that we can't breathe, and all we can say is "They" did it.

This leads me to believe that "They's" name really isn't "They". Maybe "They" is your next door neighbor. Maybe it's your cousin or they nigga you love to hate. But "They" has another name. I would go as far as to say that a few people maybe sharing "They's" responsibilities. Maybe the "They" costume is passed around to anyone who feels up to the task of starting trouble and or a problem and quick enough to get away. Maybe one person got tired of being beat by "They" and wanted to be apart of what "They" were doing. Now you know what "THEY" say, if you cant beat em....join em!