Wednesday, October 20, 2004

"Suggested Reading"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Good day, and many thanks. Here at the house that Starcade once remembered, we like to share opinions, views and manifested readings. Well many of us should pick up a book from time to time in order to raise or knowledge level, and scores on our Bunk Aptitude Tests.

From this week's prescribed literary ledger, we have "Sleeping Ugly". This instructional manual advises us to be kind to people when we are awake and living, because you might wind up sleeping ugly. Chapter One takes us to falling asleep in public. Many times we fall asleep because we are tired. Some stay up late, or just don't care about falling asleep on public transportation. However we need be more cognizant of such tiredness. pen-mouthed, one eye slightly open and twitching, sleeping women need take notice of bedtimes. You have been playing high saddity all week, shooting brothers down for no good reason. Now you wake up half drooling, with the Billy Dee of your dreams staring at you.

Latter chapters describe how one sleeps ugly while awake in the world. Sleeping ugly is sometimes termed as one's bad attitude, which causes them to miss out on life's precious offerings. Expensive whisky with a companion of the opposite sex in a broom closet, or free tickets to Wilohmena's Hedonism could really be hindered because you ignore the world with your funky attitude.

All in all, "Sleeping Ugly" by Ferdinand Scraggs, is a good book. It teaches us to be kind and aware of those that maybe watching us. I would recommend this book to anyone, whether you are cute, boogly, and or plus sized around your naval chin or neck. Boogers don't vanish because you are cute, adjustments might need be made to remove an old pancake injury.