Monday, October 18, 2004

Sal's Corner
"Words WE shoulda never known"

When I say "WE", Im talking about is black folks. Sometimes, I listen to my people speak and I say "They shoulda never gave them niggers a dictionary". I hate to say it but, we overuse some words. We find ONE big word and stick with it. We think we are SO smart with that ONE big word in our vocab!

Enterprenuer - Dont even bother by asking a young person what they wanna be when they grow up? Just stop asking after they turn 13. At that point they still wanna be a running back or something. But by the time they are 16, they caught a whiff of some thesaurus of sorts. Now they have incorporated the word "Entreprenuer" in their arsenal. "I wanna be an Entreprenuer". So what kinda Enterprenuer you wanna be Lil Roy? "Man just an Entreprenuer! know and do Enterprenuer things". That boy done watched too many VH1 Rap Diaries. Can't use the word properly and Lord knows he can't spell it!

Child Support - Fellas, aint that the truth. Im one that believes in child support if the father aint physically present in the household. But ladies.......come on ladies. How come you magically have two knew purses and a fresh wet set after the child support check comes in? Who do you have a mink and your son has a passed down Triple Fat Goose? Stop acting like a child with that support money!

Business Managment - If you ranked majors in college amongst African-American College Students, "Bidness Management" has to be 75% of the total. Niggas get to college and just fall off in SOMEBODY's bidness class. Business Management is equivalent to being undecided. I think we just blindfold ourselves and pick a major when we go to school. Everytime a black kid come home from school for vacation, we done picked a new major. And dont dare ask someone who hasnt gone to college what their cousin's major is........."Uhh Aww man, I think, I think, Pee-Pee Major is Bidness Management or somethin'".

Cosmotology - Ladies, I think it was around '92 when yall was blowing this word up. Going to school to do hair wasn't jazzy enough. "Yeah Mrs. Dixon, Im going to Cosmotology School". Back then when that word first started getting used, we thought it was Rocket Science. All you doing is washing somebody's hair, rolling it up and then flat ironing it.

Lexus - If you have family members over the age of 50, there is a slight chance that ANY and EVERY nice car that drives by could be a Lexus in their mind. "That's nice is that a Lexus?!?!" "What kinda car Johnny got now Steve.....aint that some kinda Lexus or something". "J.R. you done finished down there at the College, you can come on home, getchu a nice place and buy a Lexus".

Discount - Oh we love us a discount. That maybe the WORST word you coulda taught us hood people. Dont let Dontrell get a job down Foot Locker. Everybody in the Projects will know. "MAN do you that nigga Dontrell work down the Foot Lockers". And yall will rather get Dontrell fired than just pay for the shoes. Dontrell is JUST tryna get out the hood wit his lil shoe job. But yall wanna raid Foot Locker for every Timberland that you can possibly get outta that store. And if lil Dontrell cant get you a shoe for $55, you get mad!

"Can I see the Manager" - We JUST started being admitted to certain restaurants and we wanna see the manager if one napkin is out of place. Some of yall ghetto people dont even have good silverware at home and you wanna complain cause you cant see your ugly face in the spoon. That's a GOOD thing. Some of yall are entry level workers at your jobs! NO ONE is under your supervision and you wanna play BOSS in Ruby Tuesday's. Now why you gonna get Teresa fired???? Teresa makes more of tips than you do on your check in 2 weeks and you wanna be ignorant in public and make a scene.

"Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"