Monday, October 11, 2004

Sal's Corner
"A Mighty Long Way"

Lord knows we done came a mighty long way. We went from a little to alot as Black People. Some of us go too far. We act all siditty in our offices at work. Deep down we know we are still "Bunk". If you dont know what "Bunk" is, check our archives. Onward.....Im here to remind some of you where we came from and hopefully after this, we shall remember and never ever forget.

Clothes - Now it's cute for women to go to the Thrift Store and buy little odds and ends. Get caught in the thrift store back in '89. Kids came out the thrift like a criminal out of court. Jacket over the face and everything. But you know you had to buy them $3 slacks. You was too husky at 11 years old to be splitting some $60 dress pants.

Computers - Ohhhh man. This is one that takes the cake! People can't go without the internet and computer access now. Book Reports, Info on Jobs, Reading the daily paper and other resources of info are ready available on the net. Now you can turn in a paper at school directly from articles on the net. With the right amount of money, you can ORDER a paper on the internet. Once you plagerize your paper you can turn right around and type it up on Microsoft Word. I remember a time when it was one TYPEWRITER in my neighborhood. We were one of the only one's that had a typewriter. People used to use ours. Now everyone got DSL and Modems and $19.99 worth of access to the world.

Licking the Pan - Ummm Mmmmm. If Mamma cooked a cake on a Saturday evening, you know you was licking that pan that was filled with the cake mix. For some of yall, that was dinner. The worst thing you could do was share the pan wit someone else. Licking the pan was a one man job.

Sharing Baths - Everybody shared a bath. Who you think you is at 8 talking about you wanna bathe by yourself? WHAT, you betta get in here with Randolph and Lil James. Your grandmamma would put as many of yall in there as possible. It looked like a Wet Football Huddle. That's why all these kids are gay now. They aint in touch with their sexuality. You need to throw 2 or 3 underage kids together in the tub.

Bubble Baths - Some of yall go to Saunas and Hot Tubs and stuff like that now. Shoot, when you was little, the closest you got to that was some Dishwashing Liquid and a Heater in the bath room. Yall know the heaters Im talking about, the kind that looked like a SuperSize toaster. The Dishwashing Liquid always seemed to be in the kitchen when you need it in the tub and in the tub when you need it in the kitchen.

Luxury Vehicles - God has been good to us. He sho' has. Now many of us are riding in Acura's, Nissans, GMC Trucks and so forth. But, let's go back. Take it back to the oldsmobile with one door that opened. It looked like a car at the circus when the family went out.

Haircuts - We try to be cute and get our haircut during lunch. Maybe after lunch. We used to wear sweatpants to the shop, now we loosen our tie and come in the shop looking professional. We act sophisticated but yet maintain our "Street Cred". God knows, we JUST stopped getting our haircut on the porch a few years ago. Some of yall wasnt even getting shapeups. Just taking that thang down. It wasnt even a fade, it was just a line that separated hair from skin somewhere in the middle of your head. And if JB wasnt drunk, you'd be lucky to have a straight line dividing the skin from the hair

Hairdos and Nails - Yep ladies, yall had it rough too. Yall got appointments for the hairdresser every week now. Yall KNOW yall was gelling that hair down every Saturday night before church. Remember you got the neck fade in the back and after that you didnt get no more. That back of yo' head looked like the bush in the back yard. Hair looked so nasty I thought you needed drawls to cover it up. Like you had Pubic Hair Restoration to your neck. Then some of yall had the burns on the side of ya head from them curlers. You stayed up half the night trying to get that last curl to stay put. It be so much Oil Sheen in the it looked like a Super Bowl Introduction with all that smoke. And Nails........let's not get on nails.........French Manicure? What is that? Back in '87 all you knew was Red Polish and you wore it till it chipped ALL the way off!

Regardless of where we go and/or what we do, we've come.......A MIGHTY LONG WAY