Friday, October 08, 2004

"Pimp of De Week"
By Salvador Gabor

I present to you fine people The Honorable Mr. Donnell "Squeeze Me" Huggins.

One of the most affectionate pimps you'll meet, he uses his smoothness over harshness to win the women over. His deep concentration skills earned him the name of "The #1 Hypnotik Pimp". He loves to romance, dance and put women in a trance.

Hometown: Equality, Alabama

Hobbies: River Dancing and Hoola-Hooping

Activities: Member of the St. Jesse's Baptist Church 2nd Sunday Usher Board and a former Mr. Equality

Famous Relatives: His Uncle Butch Huggins was Vice Mayor of Equality for a short stint of 2 Days.

Quote: "Get in my mind and mine shall be yours"