Thursday, October 14, 2004

By Salvador Gabor

Shirley Reed is a lovely mature woman looking for a nice man to wine and dine with. She prefers tall man with a slight gut. Not one to shy away from a cold "bumper", she enjoys sippin on a Bud Light every once in a while. She especially enjoys "nippin" on some bud on the back of a bus during her trips to Atlantic City. She's not much of a card player, she leaves that to her sister Evelyne. She enjoys shooting craps and frequents the casinos in West Virginia.

Shirley has been married twice. Married to the same man twice for that matter. Ole JB couldnt seem to get himself together. He took the drinking overboard but, Shirley still loves JB. Loves em enough to run em pass the liquor store after she picks em up from his AA meetings.

If you want to catch up with Shirley, you better catch her now. She has a train to catch. She is headed to Tennessee for the Tennessee State Vs. Fisk Game. She has to make a run to the cleaners to pick up her Leather Outfit and then she is gone off to have a "Bumpin" time down in the south. Call QUICK.........(301) 455-3534. Ask for Bill.