Friday, October 15, 2004

By Salvador Gabor

Looking for love? Look no further than Geraldine Spriggs. AHHH the smell of cigarettes on a tart tongue in the morning mixed with a sprinkle of Folgers is beyond romantic. Can we say "Good Morning America"? This love muffin comes to you by way of Flint, Michigan. A midwest girl at heart, nothing says loving like zip-up boots, a snug dress and a racoon fur windbreaker. Yes fellas, this is a "fly-gurl" to behold. She is a Herringbone rocking, up-do having, hand dance veteran. Not just any man can handle such a sweet loving Detroit area woman like this.

Geraldine wants a man who works. Preferably postal workers and Airborne Express/DHL employees. "I love me a man who knows how to work with a BOX!" says Geraldine. She enjoys reading Jet Magazines, riding in her Chrysler K car and listening to Millie Jackson.

If you are interested call Montgomery at (301) 455-3534. Until next time, peace, love, soul........and french roll!