Monday, October 25, 2004

"Industrial Thinkings"
By Salvador Gabor

Here at the Salvador Gabor Project, we really want to help young people find jobs. That's really on the hearts of ALL of the people involved with this website. Young People..........WE Love you! But sometimes we ALL wanna be in the same industry. Branch out........and broaden you horizons. We want you to be gainfully employed. And we have the top industries that you need to look at when picking an occupation, career or industry.

* Cab Drivers - Young people, this is a great (I mean VERY Great) industry to get into. The Cab Driving industry is full of old men who don't have much time left to work. You'll be hard pressed to find a 30 and under Cab Driving Professional. It doesnt seem to be a hot item for the youth. It's a shame. People always say "That boy is gonna be a preacher when he grows up", or "That girl is gonna be a doctor". No one ever says, "Lil Ronnie is gonna be a Cab Driver!"

* Reggae Producer - This may be the easiest. ALL reggae music is different as far as lyrics but the actual's a breeze. Same beats, same rhythms. Just learn to work the buttons in the studio and you're a "shoo in".

* NFL Punter - So many young, athletic, poverty strickened children of our urban communities can take their whole family out of the projects with a simple swift kick. This is a great opportunity. It's no need for you to do a bunch of exercises. Just keep that ONE leg in shape. Practice doing the "Tootsie Roll" and you should be aight.

* The "Ride Home from the Grocery Store" Man - Yall know what I'm talking about. The old timers that sit outside the Safeway's, Kroger's, Giant's, Bi-Lo' and Piggly Wiggly's and they take people home who don't have cars. Kids........this could be YOU! Unlike Cabs, the "ride home from the grocery store" man has an advantage if he can drive fast. The more people you drop off, the more money you can get. You can whip Mrs. Roberta around the corner and swing back around and get Mamma Rose and her grandkids and get another quick $17. The only downfall is that the older people don't give an even amount of money. Sometimes, it's so balled up that you don't know HOW much it is until she is gone.

* Barber at the Old Folks Home - Come on now, does your clipper game have to be on point for the old timers? Just knock it down a lil bit, throw on some spray and alcohol and scream out "NEXT!". This is the same for the "Special" kids.

* Karate Teachers - What happened to these people? Everyone wants to be Pee Wee League Football Coaches. Either that or Basketball and Little League Baseball coaches. No one wants to coach Karate. You know why? Cause you always end up with the un-athletic kid who gets beat up and the single mom cant teach em how to fight and now it's on you. You're the one who has to teach him to eat raw eggs and breaking bricks.

* NBA Baby Muva - Yep ladies find you a 6'9" Power Forward and just bend over. How else can you flip millions of dollars in 9 months? Make sure you go to every Lamaz class, every doctors appointment and eat right. You dont need no miscarriages or mishaps. It's alot on the line. I was told LeBron James just had a kid...........what a fool! A stone fool. I bet that girl's parents wasnt mad when she came home and said she was pregnant! I can bet that. Her daddy was probably like "I dont know why this aint happen sooner!". But let Rodney had a got her pregnant. All hell woulda broke loose!