Thursday, September 30, 2004

"This Week in Bowlegged Magazine"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

This week we would like to observe those who have left their mark in years past, and those who got some stuff going on this week.

The PORK CHOP National Committee held its annual meeting in Chinatown of New York this week. The group Praise Or Raise Kane Cussing Hipocrits Out over Porkrinds met to discuss the values of good dieting and the intentional absence of pork from our diets. Vice Treasurer Mahmoud "Tom-Tom" Saladin was in the middle of encouraging folks to stop the intake of pork when the caterer arrived. The affair was catered by Rodney the Ribbler whose specialty is pork. The meeting went into an uproar when they learned of Rodney's attempt to promote patriotism with his Al-Quaeda Potato-Salad. A major bunkhouse brawl brokeout, and the black folk actually were let off the hook on the spot.

Another annual event to promote urban peace will be taking place this Saturday. The Sigma-Crip vs. Bloods & Kappas Annual Baseball Game will be taking place in Carson City, Nevada. This game is a mainstay to promote peace within the fraternity and gang communities alike. Shown above is Crip Tajuan Bell talking a little trash to some of the guys on the Blood & Kappa team, during batting practice as the two were jamming to some Lil Scrappy.