Thursday, September 16, 2004

Showing Welcome
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Kingman Brothers Dry Cleaning is celebrating 6 years of service, and we are welcoming them to the Better Black Bidness Bureau's Break-Even Club. The dry cleaning business can be a tight market to break into, and can be even tighter to remain in when you have a jheri curl. Natives of the Fort Totten neighborhood, the Kingman brothers specialize in the removal of jheri curl, s-curl, necksweat dirt stains from shirts, head rests, and furniture. The business really became a reality when Ricky (shown furthest right) got a curl. Denny (middle) said, "Momma was so sick of washing Rick's clothes, she made him go down Phelps and take a dry cleaning class, and it took off from there, my brother Ham built and dry cleaning machine and that is when we got serious about the money." The Kingman brothers would like to thank you Ricky and the many other dirty neck peoples as they are on their way to the Thousandaire Hall of Fame.

We would like to show some welcome to the newest member of the Young Adult Neighborhood Watch of Valley Terrace. Ms. Abel Tompkins welcomed Tomika Washington to the group last Tuesday, when she gave her all the gossip on her side of the street, and reported Johnny and Toosey shooting dice on Ms. Williams backporch. "It's such a joy to see a young woman who cares enough about her community to mind other peoples affairs". Tomika will wear orange all week to commerate her induction to the group. So those of you down at the DMV over Brentwood don't bother her too much, because she can get your social.

We would also like to recognize Clarence "Rummy" Romel for getting a legit liquor license. Clarence has been running the Rum Hotel for 35 years without a liquor license. e didn't feel the need to ever get one, because he wasn't selling liquor, he called it occasion or holiday in a bottle. Rummy sold pints out of jelly jars, liters out of gas cans, and fifths out of orange and/or grape juice bottles. He has also used the Rum Motel as a club, and recording studio for those who are so priviledged. Sir Francis Dooling has an album dropping next week, called "Alley Oops" chronicling his life in alleyways and some of the mistakes he has made in them.

"Sound Bites"
By Salvador Gabor

This here is "Pretty Boy" Roy and when I'm not on this accordian I got my fingers locked to a computer reading the "Salvador Gabor Project". Yall tune in now, ye hear. Every morning by 11:30! thats And we'll leave the screen door open!