Friday, September 03, 2004

"Kickball Draft Party"
By Salvador Gabor

COME ONE..........COME ALL.........Celebrate with us!!!!!!!! the 2004 U.S.K.A. Draft will be taking place in Richmond, Virginia at the Richmond Civic Center. We especially want to come out and support U.S.K.A. hopeful Ricky "Boo-Boo" McAdoo, a Richmond native as he awaits his draft position to be unveiled this weekend.

There will be plenty of entertainment at the Draft Party. "Mr. Reggie and the Sweet Hermans" will be performing their smash hit "Shelly, girl if ya only knew bout me!". Also they plan to unveil the remix to "Your Dog, My Dog, They Dog" featuring MC Brains. Also Renaldo Dollar, brother of Reverend Creflo Dollar will be in attendance. Contrary to popular belief, he is not a preacher like his brother, although he says "chuuch" on several occasions throughout a day.

Invited guests are Lumis Quarterly of the 1-5 Millionaires, Clyde Rigsby of Parkland Gardens, Ricardo "Shake-em Up" Baker and many other stars and celebrities. The national anthem at the draft will be sang by Lavell Lattimore, brother or Kenny and Denise Lattimore.

Remember, this is all in our love for "Boo-Boo". He and his brother "Punchy" (pictured above in the red suit) have worked hard to get to this point. We just wanna say Congratulations on all of the hard work and kickballs that bussed project windows throughout Richmond.

"Travel Opportunity"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Ethel Womack and her great-niece Cynthia, shown above, would like to invite you to good old-fashion bus trip. This trip will put the finishing touches on a marvelous summer, and get us prepared for the up coming fall shopping trips. This southern bus trip will be going on down to St. Louis, Memphis, Nana Falls Louisana, and New Orleans. Since Beulahtese loves Marshall Faulk, you will get to ride past the St. Louis Rams practice facility, and make you way south to Memphis, where you will enjoy some good rib tips and BBQ at Kebem's Grill. This any many other establishments listed in the BunkWorld's Guide to BBQ will be sampled and tasted by you and other busmates. A pajama party will be held Friday night on the way to Memphis, and you are encouraged to bring your best pj's while we watch House Party 2 on the DVD. Eleanor Helmsley will cater the first day's trip with her delicious fried chicken and baked pork'n beans. Upon leaving Memphis we will take to Nana Falls, Louisana where we will shop til we drop. Nana Falls has over 300 stores from Martha Sterwart's Home Outlet, to Mr. T's Jewelouts, from Coach to Cottonelle, Bath & Body Works to YoYo's Playthings. Be sure to bring your spending moneys because we are sure to be there all day. We will do some gambling in New Orleans, not to mention we will go to a crawfish farm so Brother Earl can pick his own for his gumbo he and our bus driver Renalt are planning on cooking up for our return trip. A deposit of $250 must be made by tommorrow, and all tips for Renalt our bus driver, must be submitted come Thursday. Cynthia says you will sure enjoy yourself, and to call her auntie to submit your moneys, 301-455-3534. What a time we will have on this weekend. has more info on this and some of our other luxury bus trips.