Thursday, September 02, 2004

Interview with Leroy Fletcher
By Salvador Gabor

Leroy Fletcher is a man to behold. Flamboyant. Slick. Fancy. Smooth. All of these things can be said about Leroy. And that's just to describe his meticulously kept Jheri Curl. This is a man of honor. A man of dignity. I had a chance to talk to Leroy about life, love and many other topics!

Salvador Gabor: Man, it's good to see you! What's up

Leroy Fletcher: (Takes toothpic out of his mouth) Yeah man good to hear from ya, just diggin this cool breeze man, ya understand ME?

Salvador Gabor: I can't argue with that Leroy. So it's coming towards the end of the summer. Any special plans

LF: Gotta do a lil shopping. (Sucks his teeth with his tongue). Put away the short sets. Got my eye on a few sweaters with the leather patches.

SG: Coogi's?

LF: Aww naw, that's for them young boys there! Harold Pener is bout de' only place that gets my money. YES SUH! Got me some slick lil gators to go with this here brown suit I got last week

SG: Now tell the people what you've been doing as a career?

LF: For the past 30 years, I've been driving cabs. I likes to ride. I like to ride and get paid for it. Ya understand me. I likes to ride, get paid AND get gas money! HUH!!!!! You dont hear me though

SG: I hear you. So it's fun to do?

LF: Look hear, its like this. When I come home, I aint got nothing to worry about! Ya see, I dont have no projects due at the end of the week. I aint in no board room stressed half to death. My job is to drive. All I gotta do is know how to get to places. If I forget, the rider will know. Just tell me where to turn and I'll keep my feets on the gas. Yes suh I sho' will!

SG: What cab company do you work for?

LF: I was working for United Cabbing & Bussing of America but, they aint have a dental plan that would cover my dental so I drive for Rocco's Cabbie Union.

SG: Benefits are definitely key

LF: Man who you tellin! Like to have slap them when I went to my dentist and he said my plan only cover ONE TOOTH! Shoooooot, who I look like to them. Im Leroy Fletcher!

SG: Yeah Dental Plans are tough. So are 401 K's

LF: Now thats a nice building!

SG: HUH? What's that Leroy?

LF: 401 K.....the building downtown. It's nice! I have customers that I drop off down there!

SG: 401 K is an investment plan for workers across the country

LF: Oh so that's what they do in there (sucking teeth with tongue). ALOOOT of white people going in that building! You know them white folkses, they got money

SG: ummmm Ok, so how's the wife?

LF: We on the up and up. Getting set for a cruise to Atlantic City

SG: Why a cruise to Atlantic City?

LF: Too much traffic on 95. Rather go on and take a boat.

SG: I guess you drive enough during the day.

LF: I cover my ground

SG: What's the wildest thing you've seen in your cabs?

LF: See first off, aint nothing wild going on in Leroy Fletcher's cabs. I done seen a few couples kiss but, when I see em going for that neck and below I pulls the car all the way over. Ole Leroy aint gonna be no Mobile Hotel now! That'll be $59.95! Plus them cloth seats aint easy to clean now!

SG: How you would you describe your cab career?

LF: Im always DRIVING up the success ladder!

"San Diego's Most Wanted"
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Demond "Fendi" Hill is a man of many talents, and even more women. Known as the original Tubbs, on "Miami Vice", "Fendi" was often called the Prince of San Diego because of all the honeys he acquired in this city. He enjoys lightskin to Oriental women, with a little Puerto Rican on the side. This man with women a plenty, has disappeared suddenly, and two of his five wives are also missing. The police suspect menagery as the case. His other 3 wives placed the ad, in an effort to receive some loving and or rent-money by the first.

It is believed that "Fendi" is somewhere between San Diego and the Phillipines, but his brother Polly thinks he is in Maui, notice the picture above. Either way Fendi has put some of us his side women up for rent. "That is just too much weight for my speedboat", he stated when asked who would rent out such pretty girls. Police are following a trail of mangos left by "Fendi" on the night of his disappearance. That is his trademark for luring exotic women into is lure of lust. If you have seen this man please contact the police or use this website to rest his womens