Friday, September 17, 2004

East Capitol St Community News
by Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Chuck "Big Coach" Woods and the CDL Club of Ballou High School is encouraging all Ward 8 residents to come to the Commercial Driver's License Club's Open House, this Thursday. The open house will be held down Ballou from 5-9pm. "Big Coach" is the head coach of the varsity dodgeball team, and offensive coordinator for the football and shot-put teams. He is encouraging all women who are skilled van drivers, and or whose boyfriend lets them use the Suburban at their own discretion to come down and get certified for a CDL. He also invites anyone who works at bus depots, or who has stolen a bus tow truck or van to come down and get into the CDL program. Ballou's CDL program also partners with Metro, who is in need of U4 bus drivers, and those knowledgeable of shortcuts off of MLK, for Metro's future Alternative Routes Program, nicknamed Control Alt Delete.

The Daddy & Me program is going out into the community this weekend in an effort to promote family values. All little boys are encouraged to read to their daddys while daddy enjoys a strong drink or a nice Jamaican salad. That way you both are learning something, and daddy doesn't have to give up a perfectly good Wednesday night of nothing to help out his child. This weeks encouraged readings are "Poobie the Trendsetter", "Panda and Pete on the Potomac Riverboat", and "Seattle Slew: A Young Master of the Seattle Streets".