Friday, August 13, 2004

"Ward 7's Man of the Week"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Dr. Robert Markin is the Sgt.-at-Arms of the Langston Community Public Library, better known as the Books-A-Million on 26th St. & Benning Road. As the highest ranking official of this building Dr. Markin takes pride in keeping the facility safe, and its collection of literature up-to-date. As one of the city's smaller libraries, staffing has proven to be a problem for the facility especially after budget cuts and drastic government moves left Marion Barry helpless in 1996. The Books-A-Million was forced to maintain its own grounds and facilities. Dr. Markin also established a Fire Evacuation for the facility.

For those on the Watson Wing of the Building, please exit out of the doors facing the Langston Golf Course. For those in the Elliot Wing please exit outside of the doors facing the Langston Golf Course. For those in the Cruso Wing, please use the Spingarn exit, the half-open window to the rear. For those in the Elliot-Drew Wing please use the Spingarn exit. Anyone in the center of the of the library is to use the underground passage way which goes some 200 yards and opens on the 50 yard line of Spingarn's football field.

Managing this facility not much bigger than a garage and a half, is a tough job, and thank goodness Ward 7 has Dr. Bobby. In addition to librarianizing at the Books-A-Million, he is also a Junior Varsity assistant football coach for Spingarn and Phelps, however when the 2 next-door neighbors play each other his wife coaches Phelps who actually won 3 years ago 21-10. Markin is also an avid musician, a devoted historian of the career of Dave Bing an NBA and Spingarn legend, a founder of the Jogging-In-Place Leadership Group, and chief landscapesman for the #14 Boys and Girls Club.

Dr. Markin is the author of "Bobby in Wanderland". This autobiography discusses Dr. Markins' teenage years as he spent time finding himself and his journeys from the streets of East Capitol to his achievements at Fisk University. Here is an excerpt from the book, "as I found myself with myself, I would often say to self, just who art thee? Who is this nigga of a man you claim me to be, then I burned my hand on the radiator in my grandmother's backroom, and realized that I myself was not fit for firefighting."