Monday, August 23, 2004

Sal's Corner
"Let's Go Crazy"

The year is 1984. Skinny ties are in style. Big hair, make-up and crazy colors. The Lakers were the champs. People were "moonwalking" and a man by the name of Michael Jordan would take the world by storm. Then a song called "Let's Go Crazy" came about. It was a fun song. It seemed harmless. Now, 20 years later, people are actually going CRAZY!

Have you walked down the streets of major cities lately? You may actually see one of your High School friends asking for quarters. Most of the readers on the site are between the ages of 18-30. This is the time.........the time when many began to separate from the pack. Some fall behind and some just simply fall of. I wanna talk about "Going Crazy" and some of the characteristics and things to look out for.

* Clothing - Unless you are trying to lose weight, their is no need for a long sleeve in summertime weather. If it's 80 degrees, why do you have on a sweater? Why is there a need for a skull cap. How about that jacket? I know you gotz to be sweating. There is no more Pop Warner Football for you sir! You don't have to drop 2 Lbs to play for the 95-Lb team. People, watch your friends if they start wearing thermals, sweaters or long sleeve tees in the summer and it's above 80 degrees! Now also when it gets cold and they still have on shorts, just keep a tab on them.

* Isolation - Most people go crazy because they separate themselves from the rest of their surrounding area. You have to interact with people constantly. It's good to take a day off.....cut off the cellphone, stay in the house, cut the TV off and just chill but, snap out of it after a day or two. Come back to the world.

* Stages of problems. Problems can make people go crazy. When most people have problems, they go to other people to try to solve them. 10 times out of 10, that other person has problems as well. They may not have the time or the will power to help you through yours. It may seem as if the whole world is overlooking your issue but, sometimes it can be that way. There are three stages of problems. 1) You wish people would care about your problem. 2) You realize that alot of people dont care and that upsets you. And 3) You realize that alot of people dont care and you have accepted that and quite honestly, you're happy with that. If you never get to stage 3, you will be in some trouble. Most people get to stage 3 when their problem is through and someone approaches them with the same problem months later. When someone is nagging you, THEN you understand that we all have problems and if someone doesn't give you all of the attention that you feel you need maybe, they have some as well or your problem may not be as bad as it seems.

* Showing off - This can get you in trouble. Your girlfriend/boyfriend breaks up with you. You are hurt. I mean extremely hurt. So it's gotten to the point where you two are often at the same venues. So an event comes up. You go get "fly" and you get to the event and you see your "ex". Now you MUST stunt. You are "fly" and you are letting everyone know. We all know you are stunting for "them peoples" but, we dont say anything. Then he/she walks by. They simply speak and keep it moving. And all that money and time you've spent has gone to a waste. "Keith, you went and bought that sweatsuit and ole Felecia JUST waived at you are a fool". Now all of that prepping that you did in the mirror. All that practicing you did the night before. All those poses you were practicing while you were drying off from the shower.......... are all to waste. This sometimes can be the breaking point. CATCH YOURSELF. This could be the point where you know you can't show off for Felecia so you treat everybody else like Felecia and you try to show-off on everybody that you can JUST because your ex paid no mind to that new sweatsuit.

* Headphones - I'm gonna be straight up and down with you. I DONT like headphones. Many of my friends use them. But I DONT like them. Unless I'm on an 8-hour trip, it's no need for them. People ride the train and they have like 4 or 5 stops and they just HAVE to hear them tunes for 10 minutes. Or your teenage son is in the back seat. You have the radio on but, he HAS to have his walkman. I'm tellin yall, them headphones will make you crazy! You've been warned. You see what they do is.........they block out the WHOLE world. A radio gives you the music but, you can still hear the noises of the surrounding atmosphere. Headphones leave you one on one with the music. Unless you are on a bus headed to Augusta, can survive without headphones. I'd rather have a boombox over my shoulder than to walk a few blocks with some headphones. Again I say, you have been warned. This is the key piece to going crazy. Look at alot of weird people around you.........a common characteristic maybe headphones.

Be on the lookout. If you see these things going on, BEWARE. Tell your friend or YOURSELF for that matter to snap out of it. "Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"