Thursday, August 12, 2004

"Injured List"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

We here at the "Site that Sal Built" like to recognize the common man. Too often it seems that we invest our concern in someone in the world of sports and or
entertainment. We find ourselves worrying too much about someone's sprained ankle or pitching arm, than those around us who really impact our lives.

Issac Iverson, the long-time puppeteer of the Petworth Puppet Productions Company, sustained a sprained thumb on Tuesday. The injury occured while the acclaimed
puppeteer was eating a pound of unpeeled spiced shrimp. Hermiena, his wife, described the incident as such "he had one of them great big ones, and the sucka
slipped clean out his hand, and his thumb just wrenched in mid-air. The creator of such charactersas "Honey Bear", "Stucko", and "Pierre the Talking
Pigeon" will be out at least a week. The Petworth Puppet Show will go on despite Issac's injury, with "Cleveland the pipehead" filling in for Issac.

Floyd Jackson, custodial engineer for the Aquatic Gardens Apartments is reportedly suffering neck and hip spasms and will not be able to check vents and heating ducts for the next 2-3 weeks. He will only be maintencing ground level apartments, and will be able to make keys for those needing them. However Floyd will still be able to perform every Friday at the Eclispe, and next Monday after this Sunday in
Philadelphia at the Catmandeau. Floyd Jackson is a member of "Lonnie Hart and the Wisdom Teeth", the former group of Mr. Reggie the Lemonade Man.