Tuesday, August 17, 2004

"Cover Your Bases"
By Salvador Gabor

This edition of "Musician of the Week" leads us to Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Andre "Pluck" Taylor is the Lead Bass Guitar player for "Loretta and the Tonesetters". "Pluck" has been with the "Tonesetters for 12 years". This band has yet to NOT open up for another band in it's 17 year existance.........hence the name........."The Tonesetters". Most of the time, this band is done playing BEFORE your hand is stamped for admission into the club. They've broken a full sweat before you've hit the alarm on your car door. Yet, "Pluck" plays with the enthusiam of a Bass Player for Morris Day & The Time.

"Pluck" is a multi-talented brother. When he isn't performing he's enters contests. He has won "The Midwestern Kadeem Harrison Look-A-Like" contest 6 straight times. He also tried out as a stunt double for Alan Payne in "Jason's Lyric" but failed to gain a spot when his relaxer wouldn't lay his hair down appropriately.

"Pluck" loves Bass......or should I say "Base". No he didn't play baseball but, he likes to play along the "White Chalk", if you will. Hey......Opening up for 12 years can have it's toll on a brother. Anyway if you are in the D.C. Area, you can catch "Loretta and the Tonesetters" performing at the "Howard Theatre" alongside the new rap group called D.O.P.E. (Down & Out Pipehead Entertainment). Never expect to pay over $5 to see a show. You may not even have to pay in currency. Just bring a few old TV's and a toaster. That'll do for sure. Also stay tuned for more spotlights on Musicians and other talented people throughout the country.

If you know of anyone who should be spotlighted, call 301-455-3534. Ask for Donnie Rasby.

By Reggie Dinkins, Jr

Chairman Clarence Hemlock of the Waffle House Board of Trustees has announced a new business proposal for Waffle Houses throughout the nation. In an effort to keep up with the likes of Aunt Sarah's Pancake House, IHOP, Felix's Bar and Breakfast, and Thelma's Coffee Table, the diner chain will now be offering pancakes and french toast. However it will only be offered on Tuesdays and on the last Sunday of the month.

Clarence is also looking for some sweet loving in the form of a Georgia Peach, an Alabama Mammma, or even a Tennessee Chickadee. A man of the south, born and bread in Monroe, LA, Clarence is looking for a fine piece of alabaster he can plaster. A woman between 40 and 59 is his preference. A freak of elderly proportions, he doesn't mind spending some money for some midnight honey. The owner of a refurbished 1977 Fleetwood, Clarence enjoys cruising down 10, working in his garden and hedging the trims. To contact this brother, please call 301-455-3534, Ethel Womack will help you, if she don;t keep him for herself.