Wednesday, August 18, 2004

"Black Awareness"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

This poster is the winning entrant in the Newport Poster Project, sponsored by Newport, Salem, and Kool. It can be found in liquor stores hoodwide, and was composed by non-other than the renown Sir Francis Dooling. He composed this piece because black soul and nicotine has been part of his life since before slurpees had cognac.

This poster like many others is used to depict Black America smoking jacks, dranking booze, and posing in mini-shorts. The prevalence of cigarettes in the black community is so strong that pipeheads profess their love for cigarettes. Pipeheads should have something else on their minds other than nicotine dreams, like old music, or bubblebaths with their lady, or getting high in the barbershop bathroom to pass the time. Cigarettes kill, and they stink. So the next time you see somebody walking and smoking a cigarette, just clip them up. If they ask you why, tell them you hurting me and yourself with that cigarette, so why not let me hurt you too.

This announcement is not one to provoke the removal of liquor store artistry, and replace it with pictures of Farrakkan or Mary McLeod Bethune, but do yourself a favor as artists of Black Dakota and think to yourself, "If I could paint a picture of the world, it would be better than that in which we live" So don't pour out your beer, a wasteful goat is surely a nay-sayer. For more info on preventing visions of smoking in black pipehead art, check it aint the Truth, but it sure aint no fib either.

Better than yours
Hey Rome, Happy Birthday!!!