Thursday, August 19, 2004

"Apprenticeship Program"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

There are many young people searching for opportunities to attain wealth, a career change, or even a trade you can make your hobby. If you are unhappy with your job, living situation, underemployed unemployed or soon will be, this might be for you.
Well with the help of Dr. Otis and the AW SHUCKS Program you too can have such an opportunity. AW SHUCKS (Always Willing to SHow Us Colored Kids Something),is a Program started by the late Vesta Buel in the late 1930's. This program was established in efforts to provide young black folks opporunities that they would otherwise not have. The program has produced many chefs, porters, school teachers, and dogcatchers throughout the years. Dr. Otis is now one of the program's most recognizable faces, and head of Student Services. He also serves on the Brunch Committee and is Dean of Safety, Mustard, and Electronics.

Dr. Otis has also been through the AW SHUCKS Program several times, on his way to seven different certificates ranging from home improvement to barbecueing. He also received his certificate as a registered nurse last semester. The AW SHUCKS Program
provides such educational opportunities that can be offered in backyards, and emergency rooms alike. As a culinary specialist Dr. Otis has acheived nationwide
acclaim and his new strand of vegetable oil has helped create his award winning pork chops. With the help of the AW SHUCKS Program you can learn trades such as
chimney and barbershop sweeping, lotto machine engineering, dice construction, the finer art of pinky-swearing, and hallway remodeling.

If any of this sounds like a plan for you,log on to or check the link in the Baltimore Sun at

Don't take my word for it, ask Dr. Otis himself, "we are s-t-w-u-x-y-and z, if you repeat the alphabet it will be learned, like anything that which is connected is
repeated, and that which is repeated becomes habitual, so act on habit but don't make a habit an act,unless you are cleaning chittlins".

"Job Opportunities"
By Salvador Gabor

We just wanted to list a few more job openings for those underemployed or unemployed altogether.

* The Dept. of Labor is looking for a "Snack Room Attendant". Must have experience and background in shaking Vending Machines and un-jamming icemakers. This prospective worker must be able to fix wires on drop cords when too many appliances are running at once. A weekly cleaning of the refrigerator, dishwasher and microwave is required as well. For more info contact Jackie Moncrief at 202-365-9027

* Jeffery Wiggins and Associates (A Small Claims Law Firm) is looking for a Lawyer. If you like to argue, curse and have the last word in all conversations, Wiggins and Associates maybe the opportunity for you. No schooling necessary. Just stop pass the office on Sumner Road in S.E. and ask for Peaches. She will put you in contact with Jeff. He has a cell phone but, it's no need in me giving it out because it's pre-paid and he only has $6 left on it for this month. So if you can, just wait till after Labor Day.