Wednesday, July 28, 2004

"The Whether Man"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Many people tend to think certain astrological things determine their livelyhood, if they will find love and or money. Well the "Whether" Man thinks that "whether" you do or "whether" you don't depends on you, and not the weather. Rain while the sun is shining doesn't mean that some Cherokee is doing a rain dance. It might mean "whether" you move when this Cherokee is coming might get you splashed with rain, and doing a dry-off dance.

Libra: If you feel your palm itching it doesn't necessarily mean you will get some money, it might just mean stop rubbing Phyllis' feet. Athlete's foot might get you agile-hand. Oh and if your throat is sore, needless to say your tongue might be a three-sport star, and Athletic than a mutha!

Leo: "Whether" someone talks about you, has nothing to do with your ear itching. You might want to take a q-tip to that ear, might be some Ash and Waxy-Works candles in your ear. People talk about you for several reasons, they like you don't like you, don't know you, or maybe your zipper is down and your wang they're beloving. Who really knows but, "whether" you wash yourself or "whether" you don't could be the reason for all that chitter-chatter.

May your "whether" be good, and cheerful
but if someone harasses you, may you be hood and sincereful
Good "whether" and hood "whether" might vary depending on the daily front
But bad weather and bad "whether" might depend on her monthly stunt
Dont let menstrual actions pervade your mindset
and dampen Wednesday plans, because your mines is clotty and wet
"Whether" you do and "whether" you don't
doesn't depend on a paycheck, it could be actions stunted by a wet-cigarette.
Doped minds aint dope minds, and if you think dope mines are Colombian finds
"Whether" you went down R Street in 89 could have been your white kind of find
"Whether" you do or "whether" you dont is all on you
but make sure you lock your inner-monkey "whether" you are at the parking lot or the zoo.
"Whether" change the "m" or "d" can make it mommy or daddy
or make a monkey a donkey, but either way you a nigga acting badly.
The "whether" will change, so prepare accordingly,
despite the weather, big girls might not dress accordingly.