Monday, July 12, 2004

Sal's Corner
"NICKNames Vol. 1" aka "The INITIAL version"

For those who are avid readers of the Salvador Gabor Project and, we have spent a few Mondays discussing Names. At first, we did Male First Names, then Female First Names, THEN Last Names. NOW, we are leading into NICKNames. I want you guys to follow me and listen very attentively. The following are Nicknames that begin with the appropriate initial. Now if your name is Tony, you name begins with a "T" (of course) but, if your Nickname is "Tone-Tone", Im not talking to you on this segment. I'm talking to those who are called by their initial AND there is some sort of hyphen after it. I.E. A-Rod, T-Mac, D-Nice. That kinda thing. So dig if you will this picture

Warning: NOT all people who fit this category apply to the description. There are exceptions to the rules.

* The Initial "T" - Niggas wit the Initial "T" are usually full of love. "HEY there's T!". "UH OH There go my nigga T!". Or you might just hear......"OLE T........thats my nigga!". You can't help but love a T. I know a few "T's" and they all are great people. "T's" will get fresh on you in a minute. They break out the new shoes (soft, casual AND basketball shoes). "T" stays fly. But, they does it lightly.

* The Initial "D" - Smooth. What more can I say than that. "D" is the kinda dude that can play ball in a Versace Sweatsuit, fresh white tee, some suede shoes, OUTSIDE on a crate, AND NOT sweat or get dirty. The type of dude that will play you one on one, take his white tee off and lay it gently on a gate, and whip you 32-6. Put his tee back on, zip up the sweatsuit and go ride out on the town.

* The Initial "J" - Now "J" is kinda fly and kinda smooth. "J" is in between. He doesnt have all the flyness of "T" or all the smoothness of "D" but he is in between. He has a "hood swagger". He aint gotta be dressed to kill or spitting alot of game but the whole hood excepts "J". "J" gets that welcoming love like "T" does. The only difference is that "T's" love is a little more suttle. Everyone knows that "T" is laid back but "J"............oh niggas love "J" cause he is always ready to make a move. "J's" keep some sort of drug paraphenalia. Whether it be weed, coke, blunts or top paper. He has it.

* The Initial "C" - One word..........WILD. Watch "C". 'Cause "C" might be a Curtis, a Charles or a Cornelius. Just wild type dudes from the break. Then once they start being called just "C" or "C-Bone", it's a WRAP! They are destine for criminal activity.

* The Initial "V" - Oh yeah, "V" and "C" are hanging right together. They sell crack on the same block. "V" comes through in the old Z300 and "C" is just riding dirty in the 2-door Caprice Classic. "V" is a hustler. All about dat doe, ya heard me???? But he cool though. Just get his money to him when he needs it.

* The Initial "E" - HOTHEAD. I know alot of niggas whose names start with "E" but they ALL AREN'T called "E". But the ones who are........don't play with them. They don't START the trouble. 90% of the time, "E" is innocent but, winds up in the mix. "E" is just tryna have a good time, that's ALL. But, get an "E" fired up. You will get burned!

* The Initial "Q" - See.........."Q" is never the dude that YOU know. He is always somebody else's man. Ya homie might say "Yeah I'm waiting on Q right now".........then you say "Who is Q?", your homie replies...."AWW nigga you know Q, the dude wit da Big Head!" You can't quite figure a "Q" out. Well first of all it's because his name is probably Quincy, Quinton, or Quarles. You just never know.

* Females with Initials - Notice, my article has been male-dominated. There is a reason behind this. If a female (better yet YOUR female), has a nickname that begins with an initial...............STAY AWAY from her. She is a Class A hoodrat. Do not let your wife/girlfriend be called "Baby J", "D-Honey", "O-liv" or no other hoodratish nickname.

Next week, we may dib and dab into some other types of nicknames. But for now let this soak in. "Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"