Monday, July 19, 2004

Sal's Corner
"The Back Room"

Oh yes. Walk with me a bit. Don't be afraid. Some of yall think yall are too sophisticated. But regardless, we need to take a walk into "The Back Room".'s NOT the Den! That's to "sophisticated". If you call it the Den, you aint feelin' me right now. I mean "The Back Room". "The Back Room" holds alot of hidden treasures and I want to unveil those treasure to you all. So, let's take a walk.............

* Lighting - In "The Back Room", the lighting is almost always a lil darker than the rest of the house. That dark signifies a cooler atmosphere. You don't even have to cut on the AC in the back room. That darkness in the daytime just makes it so comfortable back there. IF (And I say IF) the AC IS runs smoothly. You can almost NOT hear the AC at all. It's so quiet and relaxing

* Eating/Drinking - This activity is LIMITED in the backroom. Eating is only permitted to old Uncles on regular days. And usually he doesn't do it if there are guests in the house. IF (And I say IF) there is drinking it is mostly Iced Tea. Maybe a lil beer here and there but Iced Tea is the drink of choice for "Back Roomers". "Back Roomers" are simply people who frequent the back room.

* Funerals - "The Back Room" is a staple in the African-American tradition of remembering the dead. After a funeral, only the VIP's sit in "The Back Room". Now if you aint a VIP, you might sneak back there for a while but surely, you WONT get a seat! Vintage "Back Roomers" only get seats. Now after a funeral, VERY important stuff like "who is gonna get the clothes?", "how are the children gonna split the funeral bill?" and "why was JB left off the will?" are discussed in "The Back Room".

* Pictorials - "The Back Room" is filled with Photo Albums and pictures on the wall. "The Back Room" is a Hall of Fame of sorts for each family. Graduation Pics are usually on the wall. They are placed towards the top. Pics that were taken at Sears are more towards the bottom. Wedding Pics are on the coffee table. Different types of pics are strategically placed and spaced by "The Back Room's" caretaker.

* Reading Material - You can find an array of Ebony and Jet magazines from the 1980's somewhere in The Back Room". Those mags go back so far, Vanessa Williams is on the cover receiving her crown for the Miss America Pageant. You won't find any new books or magazines though.

* Television - thing about the back room is, technology is limited. There's no need for a DVD, Grandma JUST bought a VCR a year ago. Well actually Aunt Bessie got it for her cause she wasnt gonna go out and buy one herself. But the TV in "The Back Room" aint cut on that much. When it's on, it's stuck on the news. That's all that's watched back there. You MAY be lucky to get some cable on a TV in the back room. If Grandma got cable, she got it turned to CNN. And thats IT!

* Furniture - Don't expect fancy furniture. It's nice but, not fancy. Of course we've all had a crash course on the plastic on the furniture. That summer afternoon nap that is interrupted by your face being stuck to the plastic. WE all know about that already. But, the furniture back there is mix-matched. Or as your auntee would say "Mitch-Matched". There are alot of rugs and blankets and towels on the chairs in the backroom. See this was input during the 80's when the Jheri Curl was poppin. "Put them towels on the headrest of the couch Lil Winky.......Sheila coming over here and that girl neck is SO wet!........aint messing up my couch".

* Odd Items - "The Back Room" is where you might find the portable "feet soaker" or an exercise machine or frisbees that are now used as coasters. Anything can be used to decorate the back room.

All in all, the back room is a traditioned-filled area where love, memories and talks about Willamena's gay son Bootney are discussed. You gotta love........."THE BACK ROOM". "Lord Willin, Rome Feelin"