Thursday, July 22, 2004

"Menstrual Cycle"
By Salvador Gabor

"I need this done by tomorrow....PERIOD!". "I'm gonna be this way till I die.......PERIOD". When the "PERIOD" comes, it's serious. Ever so often you gotta put your foot down. This is what it is and this is how it's gonna be done. You don't like it, SO WHAT! That's how must people acting when they are on their "PERIOD". You just gotta let em know, nahmean! It's not alot to it.

In the "regular" world that we live in, only women have "PERIODS". But, in our minds, we ALL have "PERIODS". It's not a monthly cycle. It depends on your tolerance level. Some people don't mind drawing unemployment checks for two months. But, on that THIRD month............if a job don't come through, it's gonna be some trouble. Oh yeah, I didn't tell yall, these "PERIODS" can get bloody too. When a "PERIOD" comes on, people are willing to rob, kill, steal or do whatever. Cause it has to get done........."PERIOD"!

What is a "PERIOD"? It's a mark that notes the end of a sentence or statement. You always end a sentence with a "PERIOD". Whether you write it out or put the little dot at the end. The "PERIOD" will mark the end of that statement. In this world, people always seem to get to a point where they've had enough. When you are 15, you've havd enough of being treated like a child. When you are 18, you're tired of going to school. When you are 21, you are tired of the same ole tired kinds of people of the opposite sex approaching you. When you are 25, you are tired of being single. By the time you are 30, you are tired of being married. By 35, you are tired of paying a mortgage. Then by 40 you've ran into "MENOPAUSE". This means that you will no longer have those "PERIODS". Whatever you are doing at that point, you will just bear with it. No more bleeding, no more anger sprees, no need to worry about "birthing" anymore opportunities. You just settle for where you are.

The point of the matter is, when you are going through a "PERIOD", don't be angry and use that as an excuse to be cranky. Understand that it takes these "PERIODS" to remind you that you are still capable of "birthing" ideas that can change this world, let alone your own life.