Friday, July 02, 2004

LSE Success Tip Vol. 7.02.04
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

"Don't forget those who may have forgotten you, then you can recollect both sides of the Gemini. A double-edged sword has a handle in the middle, it is from there that you can control both sides of the Gemini"
--Kingman Wyms 4th Degree Yellow Belt, "Kevin's Karate"--

Good relationships can turn your stack of 10s into a stack of 20s and those 20s into 50s.

Don't criticize the critical. Hookers hook, and pimps pimp, and unless their is pandering going on, continue to be a good worker.

When you say "thank you" mean it. Faye didn't have to go to the bread bank for you, nor did she have to bring you those yams that were on sale. A "Preciate you" goes along way.

A keen interest can be good, just don't engulf yourself in that guy on the train. Darshay he might only be looking at you because you aint got them ankles locked, Friday pannies are to be worn on Friday not Thursday. You can't plan for the future with your draws.

Smile when smiled unto. Being stuck-up might get you stuck-up. I'm not saying Keith and Dewey would hurt a lady, but they know niggas who would.

Listening can be a road map to ignorance. If you listen you will know what twists and turns down Conversation Blvd. will take you to Dont-Be-Bothered-With-Her Ave. and that Hoodrat Terrace is a cul-de-sac, and that relocation expenses won't be repaid when going across the Gold-Digger Bridge.

Making others feel important can be a hard thing to do, especially if they are short with your money. Rico down the gas station wouldn't give you 10 on pump 9 for $8, so why shouldn't Teyon pump his 9 since you brought 8 and not 10. (An application used in the Asphalt Mathematics course, part of the Asphalt Masters series).

A word to the monkey should suffice: "Don't throw poo, that zookeeper's face aint the only thing that will get dirty."