Wednesday, July 07, 2004

"Is that you ReRe?"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

You ever see how some women get with guys and change their lives for the better? Well contrary to certain Whitney and Tammi-Fae type situations it does happen. If you look at it, Valerie made Nick's life "solid as a rock". Oh, I am not sure if you have heard about "ReRe"...

"ReRe" is a smart woman who has a lot going for her, she has met many men and changed their lives for the better. She is kind of like Cleopatra X when you think about it, changing mindsets and names along the way. "ReRe" met a nigga named "Tain" way back when. Now "Tain" was all about taking what he could and was in a self-imprisoned state after his last relationship with "D", but he could never really rely on what he took, until he met "ReRe". "ReRe" helped him gain knowledge to keep what he acquired and not just blow it all away. After meeting "ReRe", brother "Tain" changed his ways and kept more of what he acquired whether it was information, money, or even bootleg cookout equipment. The brotha even changed his name to "Retain". That is pretty serious for a non-mother to make a nigga take her name.

"ReRe" also met another nigga years later. A hopeless nigga, a nigga without direction, the type of dude already drunk in the liquor store at 2 o'clock. This nigga was trying to find himself aimlessly walking down life's blouevards looking for "Spect". "ReRe" found "Spect" wandering close to 66th & Down and Out. She pulled up on him and told him to get in. "Spect" was a selfish man, and she taught him that unless you give some "Spect" you won't find any. That simple notion opened his wine-shut eyes, and "Spect" began to control himself and anyone he dealt with. He even changed his name to "Respect" after that simple talk in "ReRe's" Aurora.

Now "ReRe" was no saint, and did have some knuckleheads along the way. Some niggas she met shooting dice in the back of ribpits that just weren't about anything. Ole "Gress" and his brother "Gret" were two pitiful niggas she met in an alley. They liked to stand in the alley get high and talk about their problems, and things that they should have done. They often mocked "ReRe" and messed with her til she left them one cold July morning. They waited for her return, but never saw her again, only changing their names to "Regress" and "Regret" hoping the mere mention of her name would bring her back.

Advice can be offered in alleys but, if you are a pessimist your only optimism is bad, like cooking bacon butt-naked. So don't look-off advice, no matter the source, male or female it could be a resource. If you have nothing but your balls and your word, that bacon won't burn your word, so put some pants on and maybe even a thinking cap, because nourishment is best served unburned.