Thursday, July 01, 2004

"Have You Had the Pleasure of Meeting Me?"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Well I'm "Drunk", sorry I can't remember YOUR name, because I'm "Drunk". You might not be able to tell, sometimes you can because of my smell. My scent is sometimes warm beer overriding the detergent called Cheer. I might even smell clean as a whistle, like I am a taste-tester for Scope or Listerine, but I'm still who I am, it's just me, just ole "Drunk" me.

I sometimes wind up in the strangest places, 10 or 20 blocks away from any familiar faces. Sometimes I just get in the car and go the left way, not the right way, the left way I said, not even realizing where the music is coming from in my head. Nigga I'm "Drunk". I'll take your girl, man I'm pretty I got a head full of curls, and a liquored up stomach, so I just might earl. Hey, it's me "Drunk" as can be, sleep on the floor and the cabaret chicken wing in hand like a soldier for Stronghold. Man I'm just "Drunk", a nigga sleep with his arms-fold. Hi I'm "Drunk", I don't believe you have had the pleasure, lemme kiss your eyebrow and show you some treasure. I know my pants are down, shoot baby that is my #7 pick. You can call him Luol, Deng-a-Leng that is.

Hi, I'm "Drunk", what did you say? Nigga I am so "Drunk", I mean nigga I am SO "Drunk". How are you baby you look so good tonight...what???? I'm talking to a tree? Shut up nigga you on a bike. Man I like to pee in the street, maybe even in front of my house, now my lady called me a louse. I'm no louse, I'm "Drunk", don't you know who I am? Hey nigga don't touch me, and get off my Grand Am, don't touch me man don't you know I'm "Drunk". Oh and that's my friend "Pissy", he's behind the tree. Yep he's "Pissy" he drank more than me, oops he stood next to my bathroom-tree. Yep he's sure "Pissy",I just hope he didn't get none on me. Hey Keith, Dewey help me out the car, aw man here's "Pissy" all wet from my post-Remy from the bar. Nigga I'm "Drunk", don't love me, won't you love me, aw nigga just take me home and leave me be.