Thursday, July 08, 2004

"A Day in Veteran Negressence: Bunk Soldier's Home"
By Reggie Dinkins, Jr.

Today we look at the 5th Black Infantry of the Asphalt Marine. This special forces unit, called the Nigerian Task Force "Alley Wolves", was formed way down the street from the Soldier's Home at Stronghold off of North Capitol Street.It was called the Nigerian Task Force because white folks didn't want to say the Nigger Task Force to the media, that and these fighting niggas were of midnight descent. The "Alley Wolves" came about under the watchful eye of Major Kearny. Major Pilate Kearny wasn't no military man, just a serious little nigga whose name was actually Major, and was always dressed in green. An expert in concrete-combat, he installed his own form of fighting style named after himself, "The Pilates".

Major Kearny carried around a short horse whip, because he used to race horses down Hains Point. He was a little guy who was called upon by Booga Jones, a wealthy Black entrpreneur, to help calm crime in certain sections of DC, Oakland, and Kingston, Jamaica where Booga Jones earned his living. He often called upon the "Alley Wolves" to break-up neighborhood watch groups, policed-block parties on main hustling riffs, and any unorganized heethantry.

It was July 8, 1977 on a hot day down in Kingston. Booga Jones had been having some problems with some local "candy-stripers" trying to hone in on his business. These "candy-stripers" aka The Hocus Pocus Dread-Mafia were selling product out of a Rastafarrian nursing home, called "Slow Wine". The home was actually right next to one of Mr. Booga Jones' "lawnmower shops". Booga Jones sent for the "Alley Wolves" and they stormed "Slow Wine" with no guns, they left those in Oakland the Vicelords requested them that day for rent, armed with nothing but their Pilates. The Hocus Pocus crew began shooting, and task force, used many an old folk as a senior-shield. The task force of 24 wiped out the Hocus Pocus crew in less than twenty minutes. An onlooker, Henry St.Clair was quoted at the scene "They run up on them Pocus boys like dogs sent from above".

These Bunk Veterans were given a soldier's welcome when they arrived to Booga Jones' mansion, The Jamaican Shanty. It is on this day that Pilates classes will be $5 off to commerate the "Alley Wolves" victory over the Hocus Pocus Dread-Mafia. To order your "Alley Wolves" Action Photo Gallery please contact Portier Taylor at 301-455-3534.